[How to feed children with bitter medicine]

[How to feed children with bitter medicine]

We all know that children do not like to drink Chinese medicine, mainly because Chinese medicine is bitter, but good medicine is bitter, and we still need to know how to let children drink Chinese medicine smoothly.

When the bitter medicine is fed to the child, we can give him a bit of Tianshui, and then just pour the bitter medicine into his mouth, and if we can fill it too quickly, it is easy to get it, so we can come to understandMeasures of feeding.

Afraid of taking medicine.

Actually, adults don’t like taking medicine.

However, when you are sick, you have to take medicine.

But children’s and adults’ mindsets are completely different in their understanding of taking medicine to cure diseases.

Children do not understand that there must be a process from taking medicine to getting better.

Parents must have sufficient patience to allow their baby to take medicine obediently; if the child is sick, he must take medicine to be good.

But medicine is not as sweet as sugar, and many children do not take medicine well.

At this time, some parents squeezed their noses, pressed their mouths into their mouths, and even put on two slaps, making the children cry.

It was easy to infuse the medicine and spit it out, which affected the treatment effect.

To give medicine to children, we must pay attention to methods.

Don’t let the child see during the “preparation phase”, try to distract him, lest he foresee that he will take “bitter medicine” and scratch his head.

You can just give him a little sweet water to drink, and then feed the medicine spoon into the mouth when it is not ready.

When feeding medicine, you should pay attention to the following two points: Note that the medicine in the spoon cannot be poured straight down the tongue, so it is easy to hold it, and the medicine is completely poured on the tongue. The child will soon taste the bitter taste and will take it all at once.The medicine spit out.

You can first pour the spoon from the corner of your child’s mouth to the side of your tongue, stop for a while, and then withdraw it when it swallows the medicine.

The second is not to drink too much water before feeding, some children are prone to vomiting, and some sour juice can be given after feeding.

Some parents like to put the medicine in milk and put it in the bottle for the child to eat. This is not good, because the amount of medicine taken by babies is usually very small, and some of it will stick to the bottle after dissolution, so it cannot guarantee a sufficient dose.

In case of uncooperative sick children or the medicine is too bitter, you can use the method of “jam sandwich”, put a little spoon of jam, pour the crushed medicine on top, and add a layer of jam to coax the child to eat.

[How to make a home-made frying pan]_Home-made methods of a home-made frying pan_Home-made methods of a frying pan_How to make a home-made frying pan

[How to make a home-made frying pan]_Home-made methods of a home-made frying pan_Home-made methods of a frying pan_How to make a home-made frying pan

If you are married and have children, do you find that your children are often picky eaters?


Are you worried that this will affect their growth and development?

As a parent, what should you do?

In fact, as long as you change the pattern and cook.

So, let me introduce you to the practice of home-made fried dumplings.


Cut dried celery, celery, shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, dried bamboo shoots, chives, garlic into small pieces or granules respectively; grind pork belly and lean meat with a mixer; use egg liquid to spread cakes, cut egg quiches into minced eggs;Stir the ingredients well, add an appropriate amount of salt, chicken essence, pepper, soy sauce and cooking wine and stir.

If the filling is not particularly moist, you can beat an egg, pour the egg liquid on the filling and stir well.


1 pack a lot in one breath, enough to eat for a week.

You can cook it, eat it steamed, or eat it fried, as you like.


2 Dumpling skins are bought, and the stuffing starts to wrap.

Put a proper amount of stuffing in the middle of the dumpling skin, fold the dumpling skin in half and seal tightly, then start to squeeze the folds and squeeze.


Heat the pan with cold oil. Avoid a small amount of oil. Rotate the frying pan to make the oil evenly fill the wall.

Put the burrito, fry it on a low fire, and the fire in the middle of the pan is stronger. You can turn the pan to heat the food evenly, or you can use the chopsticks to keep turning it.

Fry until the burrito is golden on both sides.


After serving, you can serve it with white porridge or a plate of small vinegar / chopped peppers for breakfast.

Healthy and nutritious food should start from cooking. I can see today ‘s introduction of home-made fried dumplings. Let ‘s learn to make them and make our family eat healthier!

[Can chestnut grow?

]Can you eat it?

[Can chestnut grow?
]Can you eat it?

Chestnuts are widely distributed in them. Chestnuts are planted in almost all parts of the country. Chestnuts are known as the king of dried fruits. When autumn chestnuts mature, some people will buy fresh chestnuts and eat them directly. Raw chestnuts are very crispy.In addition, you can dry the chestnuts, and then you can fry or roast them. Eating chestnuts can supplement rich nutrients such as protein and starch, but if the chestnuts are left for a long time, the surface may be moldy.What about eating?

Can chestnut grow?
Eating poisonous moldy chestnuts.

Chestnuts should not be eaten too much, eat too much raw and not easy to digest, eat too much cooked easily stagnation.

Chestnuts are hard to digest when they are eaten raw, and cooked food is also easy to stagnate, so it is not appropriate to eat more.

It is best to treat chestnuts as snacks between meals, or eat them in meals, rather than eating them in large quantities after meals, so as not to convert too much, which is not conducive to maintaining weight.

Fresh chestnuts are prone to mold and spoilage. Eating moldy chestnuts can cause poisoning. Therefore, spoiled chestnuts cannot be eaten.

What happens if you eat moldy chestnuts accidentally? You eat moldy chestnuts. Eating moldy foods may cause cancer, but occasionally eating a little will not have much impact on your body. Do n’t worry too much, but you need to prevent acuteGastroenteritis and other diseases occur, you can take some stomach medicine, sudden stomach pain is to seek medical treatment quickly.

Chestnuts contain a large number of nutrients such as starch, protein, trace amounts, B vitamins, and are known as the “King of Dried Fruit”.

Its vitamins, carotene, amino acids, and trace elements such as iron and calcium, long-term consumption can achieve health effects such as stomach, spleen, kidney, beauty.

Chestnuts also have high medicinal value.

Chestnuts have the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi, nourishing kidney, strengthening waist, strengthening tendons, hemostasis and swelling and strengthening heart. It is suitable for treating waist and knee weakness caused by kidney deficiency, unfavorable waist and legs, increased urination, and chronic diarrhea caused by deficiency of spleen and stomach., And fractures caused by trauma, bruising, soreness and pain in the bones.

Indications nausea, vomiting blood, blood in the stool, etc.

Chestnuts correct the soft precipitated fiber, and the glycemic index is lower than that of rice. As long as no sugar is added to the processing and casting, people with diabetes can taste it in moderation.

Precautions for eating chestnuts Chestnuts are difficult to digest when they are eaten raw, and cooked foods are easy to feel, so don’t eat more at once; fresh chestnuts are easily spoiled and moldy, and spoiled chestnuts will be poisoned when eaten; do not eat with beef, easy to vomit.

Chestnuts are hard to digest when they are eaten raw, and cooked food is also stagnation, so it is not appropriate to eat more.

People with weak spleen and stomach and poor digestion or rheumatism should not eat it.

Fresh chestnuts are susceptible to spoilage and mildew. If you eat moldy chestnuts, you will be poisoned, so spoiled chestnuts cannot be eaten.

People who should not eat chestnuts 1. Maternal, children with constipation should not eat more chestnuts; 2. People with blood disorders such as vomiting blood, blood in the stool, etc. should eat chestnuts raw;, Whether it is eaten raw, fried, or simmered, you must chew it carefully and swallow even the fluid, which can achieve better results.

5, those with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat chestnuts raw, should be eaten, fried, can also be used chestnuts, jujube, Poria, rice porridge to drink.

5 easy mistakes to practice yoga

5 easy mistakes to practice yoga


Breathing deliberately breathes through the whole movement.

When a bottle of perfume is placed in front of you, you will normally inhale and exhale, but when you are reminded to smell the perfume, your breath will intensify subconsciously.

Practicing yoga also encounters the same problem. Often when it comes to breathing, the human brain becomes nervous subconsciously, making it difficult to breathe freely.

  Adjustment method: practice more.

Breathing can be practiced. Control your thoughts slowly. Don’t imply that you intentionally breathe.

Slowly restore the subconscious breath to a free, natural state, coordinate breathing and many body movements, and drive the movement to swim in each form.


Many of the actions that force you to exercise yoga take a long time.

For example, a common small movement of pulling the two hands at the top can be done normally by the right arm, but it is quite difficult for the left arm to do it.

If you are impatient, force yourself to do this stiffly.

The result is that although both hands are pulled together, they are either sprained too much or their arms are painful after exercise.

  How to adjust: Keep the rhythm of your movements and think of assistive methods.

Practice this action must be peaceful, you can replace a towel to help complete.

Hold the towel in both hands and try to get closer.

Practice this one more time. After cutting, you will find that the left arm can easily achieve the effect you want.


The process of practicing yoga without respecting self-perception should be a process of making yourself relaxed and comfortable.

But when you practice, you find yourself uncomfortable, otherwise your neck is tight or your chest is stuffy . Adjustment: self-respect.

It is important to do yoga to learn to respect yourself.

When you feel uncomfortable, it is best to stop and adjust immediately.

You should use your brain to think about why you are uncomfortable.

Neck tension may be that hands are not flat, chest tightness may be breathing is not coordinated with movement and so on.

In short, you must respect your feelings, even if the actions are not very standardized, but you must make yourself feel comfortable.


I care too much about the perfection of movement because doing yoga can make the form and manners beautiful.

So you imitate every move seriously and hope to do as well as the coach.

But after one lesson, you find yourself exhausted by the beauty and torment, without happiness.

  Adjustment method: Recognize that yoga is not a “competitive” sport, and “enjoying happiness and doing your best” is the best state.

Pursuing perfection deliberately makes it difficult to truly experience spiritual happiness.

The beauty of yoga is slowly achieved through continuous practice. It is a beauty from the inside to the outside. As long as you complete the basic movements in a comfortable and comfortable state, the effect is almost the same as the standard movements.

You think that the pain is an inevitable reaction to exercise, because you are afraid that the movement will not affect the effect of exercise.

Therefore, in the case of incomplete physical conditions, force yourself to do actions that are currently unattainable.

As a result, he suffered backache and back pain, and unfortunately suffered a fall sprain.

  Adjustment method: change your own misconceptions.

Pain is not an inevitable reaction to practicing yoga.

Many movements, as long as they are completed in a coordinated and relaxed state of the body, can achieve the effect of exercise regardless of whether they are in place.
It is important to exercise properly according to your physical condition, so that not only will not be easily injured, but it will also deepen the pleasure of stretching your limbs.

Ladies winter beauty soup

Ladies winter beauty soup

Laoya bamboo shoot soup ingredients: 1 laoya (about 750 grams), bamboo shoots 150 grams, dried wolfberry.

  Method: Wash the old duck after removing the internal organs, remove the duck head, duck tail and fat, cut into pieces and rinse with water for 20 minutes, then drain the water.

Soak the bamboo shoots in water and soften them.

Add all the ingredients to the pot and add water 1500?
2000 ml, change to low heat and low heat for 4 hours, add salt to season.

  Efficacy: This soup can strengthen the body and purify the stomach.

The soup is cold, which is especially suitable for people who have heat in the body and get angry. It can help digestion and relieve constipation.

  Wild mushroom king soup material: Flammulina velutipes, Straw Mushroom, Coprinus comatus, Porcini mushroom, broth (boiled chicken with pork bones) and appropriate amount.

  Method: Wash the mushrooms in advance with water after washing 1?
After 2 days, drain the water and put it into the broth, boil it on a high heat, and then cook it on a low heat for about 3 hours. Add salt before seasoning.

  Efficacy: This soup can regulate immunity, have anti-cancer effect, and at the same time have effects such as clearing heat and detoxifying, moisturizing the lungs and diuresis.

  Ingredients for lotus root pork rib soup: 750 g ribs, 2 sections of fresh lotus root.

  Method: Wash the ribs and cut into sections, and rinse with water for 20 minutes.

Drain the water.
Wash and peel the lotus root, cut into small pieces and pat loose with a knife.

Put all the ingredients into the pot, add 1500 ml of water, and cook on a low heat for 3 hours.

After cooking, season with salt.

  Efficacy: This soup can clear heat and reduce phlegm, nourish blood and nourish the face, all patients with anemia, palpitation and insomnia can eat.

  Ingredients of shiitake mushroom chicken soup: 1 chicken, 100 grams of shiitake mushrooms, and 10 jujubes.

  Method: Soak shiitake mushrooms in warm water.

After removing the internal organs, wash the chicken, remove the head and tail, cut into pieces and rinse with water for 20 minutes, then drain the water.

Wash the jujube with water for 10 minutes.

Put shiitake mushrooms, chicken and red dates into the pot together, add 1500 ml of clear water, boil the water over high heat and use a low heat, simmer for about 3 hours, add an appropriate amount of salt before leaving the pot.

  Efficacy: This soup can soften the stratum corneum of the skin and effectively improve skin aging; at the same time, it has the effect of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen and delaying aging.

New Yoga Tips: Half Side

New Yoga Tips: Half Side

Sit on the ground in a ready position with your legs straight forward and parallel to each other.

The front is straight, palms rest on the ground, and breathing is normal.

  Exercise step 1.
One leg is placed straight on the ground, and the other leg is bent from the bend, and slowly moved backward.

  2.Move the heel of the bent leg to the middle of the alignment of the other straight leg with the alignment of the foot.

Then, place your heel on the outside of this leg, attaching the heel to the straight leg.

The fracture of the bent leg is up.

  3.Raise the hand that straightens the leg, parallel to the straight leg.

Then grab the heel of the bent leg next to the straightened leg.

Use your arm to buckle the elbow of the bent leg.

If the palm can’t catch the straight leg, then you can touch your finger or place it near the center point.

  4.Raise your other hand and place your palm on your waist.

Keep your thumb and forefinger stuck to your waist, and then bend your elbow to make it 90 degrees to your straight leg.

At this point, the head, neck and hips should be straight up (straight).

  5.Exhale slowly, at the same time, with the bending of the elbow arm, twist the waist, vertical, tilt and head, turning to the extent you can reach without effort.

During the swivel, the curved elbow is turned 90 degrees, and the head and upper half of the body are turned 180 degrees.

For example, suppose that if you sit facing east and turn to the right, your face will first turn south and then west.

At this point, your straight leg is still facing east.

  6.Turn to the maximum, hold your breath, and hold it for 10 seconds.

At this point, your spine should stay straight up and your sight should reach the furthest distance.

  7.Inhale slowly and slowly turn back to the ready position.

  8.The buckled arm is released, the leg is straightened, the body is relaxed, and the palm rests on the ground for 10 seconds.

  9.After the break, follow the steps and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

  Daily Exercises Exercise your legs alternately 4-10 times a day, no more than 10 times a day.

  The effect of the positive position is on the waist and abdomen.

It activates organs in the waist and abdomen of the body and stimulates endocrine glands.

The hemilateral type has great damage to guide the viscera, kidneys, ovaries, and retinal pills.

  The disease treats constipation, stomach problems, hemorrhoids, spinal pain, stiff neck and more.

The half-sided style is easy to practice and recommended to every practitioner.

Eat more fungus figs in summer

Eat more fungus figs in summer

The hot summer sun is the enemy of the skin.

How to use skin care and beauty

Eat more Ziyin, lung-moisturizing food to keep skin moisture, eggplant skin, kiwi, etc. are effective for freckle.

  Whether you hide in an air-conditioned room or walk in the sun, your skin is prone to dryness.

In addition to eating snow fungus, figs, and lilies to nourish the lungs, drink plenty of water.

It is recommended to drink a glass of water together in the morning, drink a little water at about 10 am, and drink a small glass of water every half an hour after a meal. You can also drink water during a nap.

  After pregnancy, through changes in endocrine, too many expectant mothers will appear stains, and will worsen in the sun.

Juice with carrots, add a few sesame oil to eat, and you can also make fried carrots in oil or fried carrots in meat.

In addition, eat more tomatoes, kiwi and jujube.

  The summer night is hot and hard to sleep. The next day, I can only go to work with a pair of dark circles.

It should be eliminated according to the cause of dark circles.

Lack of sleep and fatigue are the best ways to supplement sleep, but massage can be used to promote blood circulation around the eyes. For example, use potato chips to stick to the eye area, freshly boiled eggs, and massage after peeling the shell.It can also lead to ocular first aid.

  Some women have poor kidneys and have darkened orbits.

It is recommended to start with kidney tonic and eat more walnuts, eucommia, and chives.

If dark circles appear due to stagnant blood, it is recommended to eat hawthorn and raw lotus root. You can drink it with Tianqi powder soaked in water.

Harmful ear habits

Harmful ear habits

The ear is an important hearing organ of the human body. It allows us to listen to the wonderful sounds of nature.

We need to take good care of our ears.

What are the bad factors that can hurt our ears?

Let’s take a closer look at the 10 bad habits that can harm our ears.

  1, often in a noisy environment, without earplugs or ear muffs, prone to noise hearing.

Listening to Walkman (such as MP3, etc.) too loud and lasting too long can also cause hearing loss.

  2. Irrational diet, smoking and drinking, excessive worry about fatigue, bad mood, not participating in physical exercise, not actively cardiovascular disease, will accelerate the occurrence of senile deafness.

  3. Pick your ears.

As the saying goes, “Do not dig or listen” does have some truth.

Because of the damage it may cause to the ear canal wall, the middle ear and inner ear can be seriously injured, causing deafness.

  4. Foreign objects are plugged into the ear canal.

Parents should educate children not to put such beans, beads and kernels in the ear canal.

When encountering small insects such as mosquitoes flying or crawling into the ears, do not remove them directly with instruments. Instead, use wine or oil to drip into the ears to drown the insects or kill them before removing them.

  5, squeeze your nose tightly and forcefully.

Incorrectly blowing your nose may blow your nose into your middle ear.

The correct method is to insert your fingers into the nostril, and split the luck. The pressure should not be too high. After the hi-hat is finished, press the other side.

  6. Drug abuse.

Pay attention to ototoxicity before medication.

  7. Rinse or use ear drops after traumatic perforation of the tympanic membrane.

The correct method is to insert the outer ear canal with a sterile cotton ball to prevent foreign bacteria from invading.

  8. The diving posture is incorrect, leading to changes in air pressure and perforation of the eardrum.

  9. When infants drink milk, their heads are too low, or they feed when they cry, and secretions and milk can easily enter the middle ear through the eustachian tube and cause infection.

  10. In the treatment of flying, diving or hyperbaric oxygen cabin, do not pay attention to swallowing action, which will cause the occurrence of barotraumatic otitis media.

Buyang Huanwu oral liquid has new uses

Buyang Huanwu oral liquid has new uses

Buyang Huanwu oral liquid is a commonly used Chinese patent medicine.

It can clear the book “Medical Forest Correction” written by Qing Dynasty Wang Qing.

The prescription is composed of astragalus, angelica, chuanxiong, red peony, earth dragon, peach kernel, and safflower, which have a total of seven flavors of traditional Chinese medicine. It has the effects of nourishing qi, activating blood, and clearing collaterals.

Clinically, it is mainly used to treat the symptoms of hemiplegia caused by stroke, skewed eyes and mouth, congested speech (phonetic), drooling and other symptoms.

Preliminary, clinical practice and research have confirmed that there are many new uses for Buyang Huanwu Oral Liquid. The new uses with significant curative effects are introduced as follows: Sciatica can be treated by wind, cold and dampness.In order to make Qi deficiency and blood stagnation and meridian dysfunction, Buyang Huanwu oral solution can be applied in treatment to achieve the purpose of nourishing qi and activating blood and expelling wind and collaterals.

Usage: Take 10ml orally three times a day for 7 days as a course of treatment.

  Chronic nephritis can be treated. Chronic nephritis is mostly caused by deficiency of spleen and kidney yang, and evil turbidity invades the three burns. Using Buyang Huanwu Decoction can achieve the purpose of recuperating and eliminating evil.

Usage: Take 10ml orally three times a day for 15 days as a course of treatment.

  Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia Chinese medicine believes that benign prostatic hyperplasia can be divided into empirical and deficiency syndromes.

Deficiency syndrome usually refers to lack of qi, clear qi does not rise, and turbid yin does not fall, which leads to unfavorable urination.

In treatment, Buyang Huanwu oral liquid can be used to achieve the purpose of gasification and urination.

Usage: Take 10 ml orally three times a day, 20 days as a course of treatment, and generally receive a significant effect after 10 days.

  Clinical practice for treating diabetes shows that Buyang Huanwu oral liquid has the effect of regulating the balance of yin and yang, and can improve the symptoms of dysfunction of limbs, weak waist and knees, dizziness, tinnitus and other qi and yin deficiency in diabetic patients.Urine sugar has a better effect.

Usage: Take 10ml orally three times a day for 30 days as a course of treatment.

  Can treat vertigo This disease is mostly caused by liver and kidney deficiency, yin essence breakdown, yin deficiency and fire, and can be used to dissolve qi and blood circulation, and nourish and nourish blood.

Usage: Take 20ml orally each time, take once in the morning and evening, 5 days as a course of treatment.

5 super hot cleansing oils recommended


5 super hot cleansing oils recommended

Should I use makeup remover?

Is makeup remover suitable for everyone?

Will Cleansing Oil Make You Acne?

A popular makeup remover is a makeup remover, but if you choose it incorrectly, your skin will be harmed by improper makeup removal, and your face will be disturbed by acne!


hzh {display: none; }  卸妆油知识普及  有两种比较实用的方法,可以鉴定你的卸妆油是否优秀:     1.If using makeup remover oil 1?
After 2 weeks, the body starts to develop acne, and at the same time, the condition of the skin is getting worse and worse, then you must renew your cleansing oil and need to stop immediately.


If the cleansing oil is emulsified well after being soaked in water, it means that the quality will be better, which is more conducive to cleansing and “detaching” the skin.

  Cleansing oil is highly recommended 1.

Shu uemura’s classic moisturizing and highly effective cleansing oil (660 yuan / 450ml) contains cherry extract, which not only makes the skin firmer, but also gives you a baby-like delicate and fine skin.

And it can eliminate the skin’s old dead horny, make the pores firmer and increase the skin’s metabolic capacity.

The elegant cherry blossom fragrance can relax your tense mood all day and let you enjoy your time quietly.

     In the past 30 years, it has gradually become one of the world’s most trusted beauty secrets for women.

Shu uemura cleansing oil series has been leading the market in Japan’s alternative market for its superior skin care.

Today, a bottle of cleansing oil is sold every 30 seconds.

  Personal use experience: During use, I slowly find that I can rub out white heads, and immediately have a strong feeling. My makeup is also very clean. The only opposite is that it is too irritating to the eyes and I dare not open my eyes every time.


DHC deep cleansing oil is mainly composed of high-quality olive oil essence, and natural ingredients such as rosemary, which make makeup and sebum dirt that are not easy to remove, dirt that fills pores naturally emerge, and deep cleansing.

  Personal experience: This product is the first makeup remover I have ever used, and the makeup removal effect is very fast and clean!

The emulsification effect is obvious, but it still feels oily after washing. Be sure to wash it with a facial cleanser a second time to clean it; unlike the planter, it feels moisturized!


Blonde Lip Makeup Remover.

hzh {display: none; }  高效迅速清洁祛除敏感眼部和唇部彩妆。Completely removes eye makeup (including sturdy, waterproof makeup) without sagging eye skin.

Suitable for contact eyes.

Tested by an ophthalmologist.

  Personal use experience: completely remove makeup in seconds, the effect is immediately visible, and even waterproof makeup can be dissolved immediately.


IPSA Refreshing Cleansing Oil / Moisturizing Cleansing Oil Moisturizing Cleansing Oil contains a soft, moisturizing cleansing formula, safflower oil and evening primrose oil.

Cleansing oil with efficient cleaning effect can easily remove stubborn and waterproof makeup.

At the same time, the excess oil and lipid peroxide in the deep pores are pushed to the skin surface and thoroughly washed.

  Personal use experience: It can quickly and deeply clean pore oils and dirt, while replenishing the skin gently and thoroughly, it can add moisture to the skin, leaving the skin smooth and delicate after use.


Cleansing Skin Cleansing Oil combines with the new “Grease Oil Gelation Technology” technology, which combines the power of Chinese herbal vegetable oil to soften and continuously moisturize the skin while cleansing the skin, allowing the skin to experience a very gentle and comfortable use.

  Personal use experience: Continuous use can create healthy skin that is not prone to roughening and acne, etc., and exerts skin care effects while thoroughly cleaning.