[How to make pumpkin meat?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How to make pumpkin meat?
】 _How to do_How to do

In our daily life, pumpkin is a relatively common vegetable, but the nutritional value of pumpkin is not comparable to other vegetables. It can protect the gastric mucosa, lower blood sugar and blood pressure, prevent cancer and cancer, and prevent the prostate.Pumpkins are popular with many people.

In life, many people like to use pumpkin meat to make dumplings or buns, but many people don’t know how to do it. The following describes the method of pumpkin meat.

First, the practice of pumpkin fillings 1.

Prepare a bowl of steamed pumpkin 2.

Add wok, preferably nonstick 3.

Sauté while squashing. If the pumpkin is not very sweet, you can put some sugar in it. I don’t need to put 4 because this pumpkin is very sweet.

Stir fry over medium-low heat to prevent batter. Always fry dried pumpkin moisture, as dry as possible5.

It’s fried, it’s very dry, and a pumpkin will be fried in a small bowl.

Weigh it in grams, then rub a bit of corn oil on the palm to round the pumpkin filling, put it on a plate, and make a beautiful mooncake filling, so you can eat delicious pumpkin mooncakes.The nutritional effect of two pumpkins 1, protect the gastric mucosa: pumpkin can promote bile secretion, it is the stimulation of rough and rough food in the body, and strengthens the peristalsis in the body to help food digestion.

2. Lowering blood sugar and blood pressure: Pumpkin can regulate the balance of insulin, maintain normal blood pressure and blood sugar, and is also an ideal weight loss food for obese people.

3. Preventing cancer and cancer: Eating more pumpkins can prevent the occurrence of esophageal and gastric cancers, and it also has certain effects on preventing colon cancer. At the same time, it can help the recovery of liver and kidney functions and enhance the regeneration capacity of liver and kidney cells.

The practice of pumpkin fillings Daquan 4, prevent the prostate: the lipids in pumpkin seeds have a good therapeutic and preventive effect on urinary system diseases and prostate hyperplasia.

5. Prevent stroke: Pumpkin can also prevent stroke, because pumpkin is rich in glyceric acid such as linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, etc., instead of good quality oil.

6, help sleep: elderly people often eat pumpkin can help sleep well, because it replaces tryptophan, is responsible for helping the body to make serotonin, this neurotransmitter has a relaxing effect, can relieve tension, but alsoImprove your mood and help you fall asleep.

[How to eat pears to stop cough, lungs and phlegm]_Pears_How to eat

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[How to make fried rice with leeks, chives and eggs]_ Common practice of fried rice with leeks and chives _ How to make fried rice with leeks and chives _ How to make fried rice with leeks and leeks and eggs

[How to make fried rice with leeks, chives and eggs]_ Common practice of fried rice with leeks and chives _ How to make fried rice with leeks and chives _ How to make fried rice with leeks and leeks and eggs

Eating is easy, just open your mouth and chew.

But making food delicious is hard, at least some people can’t make it.

Why is this happening?

Because they don’t have a good way.

Today, Xiao Bian came to teach everyone about the practice of wolfberry, leek and egg fried rice.


Prepare ingredients, leeks, shallots, parsley, and chopped.

Add 12 scallions and white sautés to the oil in a large hot pot.

21 Then pour in white rice and stir-fry.

Add leeks and stir fry after the rice is fragrant 5.

Fry the eggs and add salt to fry until dry6.

Add wolfberries and stir well.

Sprinkle with cilantro and spring onion and add a few drops of sesame oil to fry.

Finally, spyware comes to the table. This wolfberry leek egg fried rice is not as difficult as everyone thinks. As long as we follow the steps to make the same, we can make a delicious alternative. Housewives who like cooking, hurry and tryXiaobian introduced this dish today.

Leisure exercise recreation fitness

Leisure exercise recreation fitness

Spring is coming and Vientiane is renewed. The students in sedentary classrooms also smell the breath of spring, waiting only for the “horn” of the school spring outing to go out and let their mood go.

  In order to make the spring tour more balanced, there are various ways to integrate the spring tour with sports reasonably, which can not only regulate the psychological pressure of students ‘long-term learning, but also promote the healthy growth of students’ bodies.

  So, how to add a “sports flavor” scientifically in the spring tour?

The author considers from the following aspects.

  The first category is spring tourism based on sightseeing.

This type of spring tour mainly organizes students to visit stadium facilities, sports buildings left over from history, sports sculpture art attractions, and appreciation of special sports culture.

For example, Henan Shaolin Temple is a well-known martial arts resort. Students can learn many basic knowledge of Shaolin martial arts, and at the same time can stimulate students’ patriotic enthusiasm.

  The second category is spring competitions based on competitions.

Organize some competitive games to increase students’ interest in spring outings.

For example, organizing mountain climbing, rock climbing, or rowing competitions in a suburban park.

  The third category is spring vacations based on vacations.

The general time for going out is two days, mainly to eliminate fatigue, regulate mood, and relieve stress.

Before organizing spring outings, students should undergo physical examinations. At the same time, schools should introduce relevant knowledge to students so that students can master some necessary first aid methods to avoid accidents instead.

The characteristic of combining spring outing with sports is to allow students to exercise their will and cultivate their sentiments in active recreational activities.

Easy and Easy Two Way Yoga Without Constipation

Easy and Easy Two Way Yoga Without Constipation

Although strictly speaking, constipation is not a disease, but it also affects the normal physiological metabolism of the human body. In the face of leakage of constipation, I recommend you to practice these 2 yoga moves that can effectively relieve constipation and help you to easily drive away constipation.

  1. Spider-worm Step1 lies on his stomach, his belly is on the ground, his feet are separated from each other, his legs are straightened, straight into the sides of the body, straightened, his chin is supported on the floor.

  Step2 Place it under the body again, put your feet together and lift up slightly.

  Step3 Slowly lift your feet off the ground, and press and hold up, take a few natural breaths, and relax your body.

  2. Sitting posture Raising legs Step1 Kneeling with both legs, lean on the heels, straighten the thighs, hold your hands at the base of the thighs, straighten the back, step on and lean back slightly, eyes looking forward.

  Step2 Lower your chest to the ground, straighten your body, hold your left foot with both hands, and bend your left leg.

  Step3 Slowly straighten your left leg and lift it off the floor, leaning back slightly.

  Step4 Continue to raise the left leg and keep it straight for 15 seconds, then switch to the other side and repeat.

Medicinal diet to prevent breast disease

Medicinal diet to prevent breast disease

1. The main ingredients of Cifenglianhuang Decoction: Shan Ci mushroom, apiary, Scutellaria barbata, Scutellaria baicalensis, Coriander shell and so on.

  Efficacy: Activating blood circulation, clearing heat and detoxifying, antitumor and eliminating knots. Indications: early, etc., who are biased by heat depression and qi, and confirmed by evil facts, but see small lumps, pain and discomfort, or heat pain, bloating, chest tightness, shortness of breath,Dry mouth and bitter mouth, yellow and red urine, dry stool, red tongue and yellow fur, and large veins.

  Decoction method: Warm fire 200ml, 100ml each, once in the morning and evening.

  2. The main ingredients of Guimu soup: Angelica, Prunella vulgaris, Bupleurum, oyster and so on.

  Efficacy: Activating Blood Circulation and Removing Blood Stasis, Relieving Liver and Regulating Qi, Softening and Stunning.

  Indications: In the early stage, patients with tumors, such as those with qi stagnation and blood stasis, who see a lump in the chest, swelling or tingling, fullness of the chest, irritability, irritability, dark petechiae, ecchymosis, thick yellow fur,The pulse is astringent.

  Decoction method: Warm fire 200ml, 100ml each, once in the morning and evening.
  3, the main ingredients of Quyu Qudu Decoction: Shan Ci mushroom, apiary, Scutellaria barbata, Hedyotis diffusa.

  Efficacy: Activating blood and detoxifying, suppressing tumor and swelling.

  Indications: Patients with advanced stage of lymph node metastasis, or organs and bone metastases.

Seeing a lump in the breast, swelling pain or heat pain, decreased turbid fluid, or palpable sputum nucleus, musculoskeletal pain, abdominal distension, ascites, lack of urination, unpleasant stool, dark red spots, dark spots, The pulse string is astringent or deep.

  Decoction method: Warm fire 200ml, 100ml each, once in the morning and evening.
  4. The main ingredients of Ginseng Quangui Zero Decoction: Ginseng, Codonopsis, Astragalus membranaceus, Radix Mandrillus, Angelica and so on.

  Efficacy: Strengthening the Guben, nourishing the kidney and strengthening the essence, nourishing Qi and strengthening the body.

  Indications: Wait for those who are weak.

Symptoms include breast lumps, shortness of breath, laxity, fatigue, spontaneity, fatigue, pale tongue, thin fur, and thin pulses.

  Decoction method: Warm fire 200ml, 100ml each, once in the morning and evening.
  5. The main ingredients of Shuangzhu Soup: Shuanghua, Zhuru, bamboo leaves, ginger pinellia, cloves and so on.

  Efficacy: Qingrejiedu, nourishing yin and vomiting.

  Indications: Dialysis tract reactions, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, sore throat, dry throat, dry mouth and nose, red tongue and yellow fur, and large pulse strings appear during or after radiotherapy and chemotherapy for malignant tumors.

  Decoction method: Warm fire 200ml, 100ml each, once in the morning and evening.
  6. The main ingredients of Ziying Decoction: purple flower diced, dandelion, Divine Comedy, Bai Zhi, etc.

  Efficacy: swelling and dispersing, qi and pain relief.

  Indications: Acute and chronic, fever, chills, breast lumps, redness, swelling and pain, even turbid juice penetration, red tongue, yellow greasy tongue, and pulse count.

  Decoction method: Warm fire 200ml, 100ml each, once in the morning and evening.

Bad moods can cause female infertility!

Bad moods can cause female infertility!

Ms. Zheng, the man’s family conditions are very good. After marriage, the whole family looks forward to the birth of succession.

But half a year has passed, and she can’t conceive if she wants a child. Ms. Zheng is getting worse and worse, and she starts to humble herself, always suspecting that she can’t have children.

  Had to see the doctor on the advice of the family.

After detailed inspection, it was just an endocrine disorder and no other problems were found.

After a short period of psychological treatment, she also wanted to open, and her mood was relaxed, and she soon became pregnant.

  The cause of infertility is complex. It may have either an organic deterioration or a functional disorder with psychological causes.

In a considerable part, what is considered to be organic deterioration, contempt is functional disease, and neglect is psychological disorder.

In fact, psychological disorders can cause infertility as well as disease.

Ms. Zheng surrounded the vicious circle from the beginning.

In addition, women’s long-term infertility, especially after multiple treatments have no effect, often lead to sensitive interpersonal relationships, worry, depression, paranoia, as the marriage age increases, the age increases, and psychological stress becomes more severe.

  Infertility is a common disease in women. Although the result may not be able to grow, its etiology is quite complicated. It may have organic displacement or dysfunction, which becomes a psychological factor.

In a considerable number of patients.

What is considered to be organic disease, contempt is functional disease, and ignored is psychological disorder.

  in fact.

Mental disorders can also cause infertility.

It’s also a disease, and it requires more careful treatment.

Special need is yes.

Psychological obstacles are more painful, more troublesome for patients, and need to be treated as soon as possible.

  Due to the expectation of pregnancy, both husbands and wives have a lucky attitude in the middle of each menstrual period, the latter part of menstruation is full of expectations and waiting for pregnancy, and every period of menstruation is disappointed and mournful.Intense volatility of emotions and the vicious circle of psychological frustration eventually lead to 20% of women with ovulation disorders, while the man’s performance is reduced sexual function or even impotence.

Clinical investigation also shows that psychological depression is significantly positively related to infertility, and the influence of psychological factors on infertility has been recognized as one of the infertility factors.

  Female infertility psychological disorders are associated with factors such as age, occupation, marital age, infertility years, attitudes towards infertility, acceptable sexual life and educational level.

  The psychological barriers of female infertility patients are mainly manifested in inferiority, uneasiness, nervousness, reduced social interaction, lack of interest in life, anxiety, unwillingness or taboo to talk to others about pregnancy or loss,This is particularly true among infertility patients with low cultural levels in rural areas.


Women’s long-term infertility, especially after multiple treatments have no effect.

Often leads to sensitivity to interpersonal relationships, worry, depression, and paranoia.

As the marriage age increases and the age increases, the psychological pressure becomes heavier, and some even have a sense of loss of “no one succeeds”. The mental stress further increases, and there is even more lack of confidence in healing.

It is right to point out that the psychological condition of female infertility has a very close relationship with mental endurance and personality.

Patients with high neuroticism, high mentality, and introverted personality are particularly stressed.

The symptoms presented by these patients are obvious and the course is complicated.

For patients with mental disorders of infertility.

Mainly depends on psychotherapy.

There are many ways of psychotherapy, depending on both the doctor and the family.

More dependent on yourself?

For those with obvious symptoms of psychological disorders.

  You should go to the distance hospital to consult a registered physician in time to clarify the cause of infertility and distinguish whether it is relative infertility or absolute.

Infertility, on the basis of clear disease.

Take appropriate treatment measures to relieve the pain of infertility as soon as possible.

It must be outstanding that patients must improve their ideological awareness, understand medical knowledge, and enhance their ability to control disease and adapt to infertility.You don’t have to be overwhelmed by a moment of infertility, and you can’t be annoyed by a certain disease.

Negative psychology can only increase the extent of the disease’s deterioration, while positive psychology can help to eliminate the disease.

A large amount of clinical data proves that excessive mental stress and psychological disorders often lead to internal endocrine disorders and ovulation disorders, which makes it more difficult to become pregnant as you want to become pregnant.

Patients need to understand this reason.

Family members must also understand.

  During treatment.

A family that cannot be ignored.

Especially the role of the husband.

For infertility patients, it is necessary to consider them, care about them, care for them, and be considerate of them. It is not appropriate to discuss topics such as infertility. Family members should not intentionally or unconsciously complain, exclude responsibilities, and ridicule. What is needed is understanding, Enlighten, encourage, help.
In this way, it is not only conducive to the rehabilitation of patients, but also conducive to family harmony and social stability.

At the same time, patients can also improve their “immunity”, maintain mental health, reduce doubts, annoyances, self-blame, low self-esteem, do not blame the heavens and others, do not shun doctors, and do not dig into the horns.

To do this, first of all, raise awareness, but also complete basic medical knowledge.

Clinical observations suggest that patients with a higher cultural level, rich medical knowledge, and worsening self-regulation ability have higher cure rates, a lower cultural level after suffering from infertility, poor medical knowledge, poor self-regulation ability, and psychological disordersThe incidence is high.

Reducing or alleviating the psychological barriers of infertility patients can not only improve the natural conception rate, but also improve the quality of life of patients, which is indeed a problem that deserves the attention of the whole society.

Psychoanalytic treatment

Psychoanalytic treatment

Psychoanalysis, also known as psychoanalysis, is a long-term psychotherapy.

It is both a treatment and a theory.

From S. Freud’s theory that after more than a century, the world commented that the reputation was mixed.

Although alternatives have been applied in previous routine medical practice, due to their wider impact, some of these views and treatment techniques are not lacking in alternatives.

  [适应证及基本原理]   主要适应证是神经症患者,尤其是癔症、强迫症及恐怖症。Thoroughly test for some psychological disorders, such as voyeurism, exposed yin, and friction.

  According to the theory of psychoanalysis, the symptoms of neurosis are cumulative.

As both sides of the psychological conflict producing symptoms are at different levels of consciousness, one side is in the pre-consciousness or consciousness; the other side is imprisoned in the unconscious by acting as a latent suppressant.

Therefore, the patient suffers from the symptoms, but does not know the true cause and significance of the symptoms.

The healer helps the patient to release the latent inhibition, transforms the unconscious psychological process into the conscious, and exposes the disguise of the defense mechanism, so that the patient understands the true meaning of the symptoms and can make them disappear.

The theory believes that the root cause of the symptoms of neurosis is related to the crux formed in the early years, that is, the desire to be solved is subverted to the unconscious, and the patient can really do it and emotionally experience it through venting or free association.It is a root cause formed in infancy and is meaningless today.

The insight into “this is the case” leads to “understanding” and the symptoms disappear.

  [方法与技术]  1.Free association requires the patient to say everything that comes to mind.
The doctor’s task is to listen and encourage patients to overcome resistance and continue to associate, inserting alternate reviews if necessary.

Usually 1 treatment at a time?
2h, the course of treatment can be up to 3 years.

  2.Decay and empathy If the patient’s performance in Lenovo is not “free,” swallowing, vomiting slowly, or even interrupted, is called interruption.

There are many reasons. In addition to understanding the patient’s distrust and various complications, some doctors may have deeper reasons.

Another phenomenon is empathy, in which patients show a strong emotional response to the doctor during treatment, such as admiration, admiration, hatred or aversion.

Some people think that mastering and handling empathy is the key to successful analysis.

  3.Analyze Dreams Freud believes that dreams often symbolize unconscious impulses or desires, and various clues can be found through interpretation of dreams.

In dream interpretation work, some more professional titles, such as symbolism, coagulation, substitution, retouching, etc., have become an important part of psychoanalytic therapy.

  4.The three techniques of interpretation, mastery, and comprehension are the basic techniques of analytical treatment.

Especially the unconscious meanings of free association and dreams are correctly interpreted; overcoming conflicts and dealing with empathy also require different interpretations.

The process of repeatedly explaining and continuously helping the patient to resolve the conflict is called cultivation; once the cultivation is made, the patient understands the source of the conflict, just like the riddle that can’t be guessed for a long time, once it is revealed, it reaches the realization.

The cycle was repeated one by one, and the conflicts were overcome one by one, so that the patient’s symptoms gradually disappeared, the personality became more mature, and the disease was “mellow.”

Life preferences sharpen your view of love

Life preferences sharpen your view of love

Different people have different preferences, some like white, some hate red, etc., but these are ordinary preferences, but they can also restore your view of love. Want to know if it is right or notJust take a look with Xiaobian.

  1. Hate purple.

  People who hate purple, like to take control in love.

The companion says that it is to love each other for change, it is better to follow their own wishes to shape the lover.

You are strong in love, love to control people, so that your lover can’t help but want to escape from your side.

However, because you are confident, you won’t be too sad even if your lover leaves you.

  2, hate black.

  A man who hates black looks like a freelancer who hates being bound in love.

I believe in choosing objects with my own instincts.

In particular, I believe that love at first sight, even if the other party has an object or family, you will desperately pursue him, which is very dangerous.

  3. I hate pink.

  People who hate pink don’t feel candid enough in love.

Often it causes the other half to be fussy. Even if the other party gives you a gift, before saying thank you, they will pick and choose a bunch of things that should not be said.

To be honest, you just want the other person to hold you up and treat you obediently.

  4, hate yellow.

  People who hate yellow are in love and like to impose their own assessment on each other.

Therefore, they are mostly looking for similar or ordinary objects, and they will never become interested in artists who cannot predict the future.

But people who resemble themselves for a long time and feel that they lack a certain kind of stimulation and want to change the status quo are really contradictory.

  5, hate blue.

  People who hate blue seek complementary objects in love.

If you lack talent, temporarily admire talented people.

For you, people who have advantages they don’t have will make your life more exciting and exciting.

But this kind of character is easy to show tiredness, and once you meet a more powerful object, you will immediately empathize with each other.

  6, hate green.

  People who hate green do not want to become adults in their mentality, so in love, they want to be prepared to take care and attention, and hope that the other party will continue to pay for themselves.

Because of this kind of personality that is not easy to think for the other side, often speaking words that hurt people but they are not conscious, in the end, it will only make lovers sad.

  7, hate red.

  People who hate red don’t like being too close to him.

Because of this, you will escape from the sudden and persecution-type love.

In fact, you are eager for intense love in your heart, but because of this contradictory personality, you have been going up and down on the road of feelings. These ups and downs also make you more entangled in love, so that you miss the good destiny.

  8, hate brown.

  The people who hate brown take a laissez-faire attitude in love.

Likes active, direct and strong love to do anything, good relationship, this will make your lover uneasy.

You spend more time with your friends than your lover, so your lover will one day leave you.

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Moisturizing skin for soft white skin

Moisturizing skin for soft white skin

Want to stay away from dull skin?

Want skin that is supple and fair?

Then let the female private editor tell you how to use the lotion to apply the right medicine and shoot the water-sensitive skin in daily care!

  In daily life, as a key role in the three steps of the basic skin care, “a thin layer of lotion” has been given an important skin care mission.

There are a lot of moisturizing water, toner, astringent water, soft water, etc. on the market. How to distinguish between several types of lotion, you must clearly identify when buying, it is wise to choose according to your skin type.

  Oily muscle maintenance key points: Exfoliate and exfoliate oily muscles with darker skin tone. Due to the excessive secretion of oil, there is often a greasy and dirty feeling, which easily causes pores to be enlarged, causing skin problems such as acne and acne.
  Use a cotton pad dipped in lotion and wipe gently. After moistening the cotton pad with the lotion, wipe it repeatedly on the skin, which can help to clean the skin thoroughly. In the process of massaging the skin back and forth, the alcohol content even causes the enlarged pores to shrink instantly, The skin restores smooth and delicate texture.

In addition, the exfoliating ingredients can quickly displace old dead cells, and the wiping action can also help to exfoliate and leave the skin dry and clean.

  The cleansing water and water-containing toners have the effect of cleaning again, shrinking pores, and suppressing oil content. Toners used by multiple appropriate oily skin types also contain softening keratin components, which can help oily skin accelerate the removal of aging cells and makeSkin looks fresher.

  Dry muscles and mixed muscles maintenance points: Toner is the most fragile skin with water film. Dry skin is very thin, and the skin is dull, the cuticle of the skin is very small, the secretion of sebum is insufficient, and the moisture and oilAnd therefore cause very dry.

Dry skin is prone to peeling and wrinkles, so care must be taken.

  Using a lotion as a moisturizing mask has a high-intensity moisturizing treatment on the skin, so the longer the lotion stays on the skin surface, the better the moisturizing effect will be.

Every morning and evening after cleansing, moisten a cotton pad or a paper towel with a lotion and apply it on the skin as a moisturizing mask. After five minutes, remove the dry cotton pad or paper towel. Without washing, directly apply moisturizing ABOUT  The biggest function of moisturizing lotion is to help the skin replenish excess moisture.

Regulates the water and oil balance of the skin.

Common moisturizing lotions are added humectants and polyhydric alcohols, natural moisturizing factors, etc., and also include low-dose fragrances, pigments, surfactants, preservatives and alcohol.

  Important maintenance points for sensitive muscles: Gently pat on sensitive areas and infiltrate the skin surface. Sensitive skin has less sebum secretion and skin that is prone to allergic reactions to various external stimuli.

A little irritation will cause skin maladjustment, causing skin diseases, redness, swelling, and itching.

  Gently pat the lotion on sensitive areas that are prone to redness or allergies, and infiltrate the skin surface to create a protective layer of lotion on the skin to isolate makeup and prevent sensitivity.

If you have red pox or acne, you can use a cotton pad moistened with lotion to gently apply the treatment. The anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients of the lotion can promote the healing of the affected area, but it is best to use it every other day until it recoversImmediately afterwards, use a lotion of regular normal skin tone.

  About whitening sunscreen lotion The lotion containing plant whitening ingredients can not only perform the secondary cleaning effect in series, but also form a barrier film through the rapid penetration of moisture in the skin’s epidermal layer, protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays from the outside.