[Can Dendrobium Treat Premature Ejaculation]_Recommended Diet

[Can Dendrobium Treat Premature Ejaculation]_Recommended Diet

Dendrobium is a common Chinese medicinal material. Dendrobium has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, and nourishing the kidney and aphrodisiac.

For men, proper eating has some conditioning effects and can also play a role in preventing premature ejaculation. It has certain preventive and health care effects on the softness of the waist and knees, and the pain of legs and feet.

Let’s take a look at this content.

Dendrobium has a certain effect of strengthening kidney and tonifying the sun!

It has a certain effect on the appearance of waist and knees in men. Most men have a lot of work pressure in life and are the backbone of the family. Frequent physical weakness is more common. At this time, it can be achieved through a certain diet.improve.

Dendrobium officinale has this kind of health care effect. Dendrobium officinale can prevent stomach diseases, and also has a certain effect in treating waist and foot weakness, kidney yang deficiency, etc. It can be said that it is a good tonic for men. It is also suitable for elderly men.Taken, it can strengthen bones and bones, and has the effect of delaying aging.

There are polysaccharides in Dendrobium officinale. This nutrient will form a protective film when it enters the stomach and intestines, which can promote gastrointestinal digestion and prevent damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa. It has a good effect to improve indigestion and promote defecation.

Dendrobium has good medicinal and therapeutic values. It can be soaked in water and used for cooking. It has a good nourishing effect.

The above simply understood whether eating Dendrobium can treat premature ejaculation!

Dendrobium has a certain role in preventing premature ejaculation and sexual dysfunction, especially the effect of aphrodisiac tonic, and it is good to eat some properly. In addition, it is also good for men’s gastrointestinal conditioning. It can prevent stomach diseases.And the value of diet.

[Can pregnant women eat melon seeds, there is some nutrition in melon seeds]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat melon seeds, there is some nutrition in melon seeds]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

The seeds have high nutritional value and strong oily content. The seeds are rich in vitamins, proteins, and fats. They also belong to Jiao Jiao. A small amount of seeds can prevent aging, prevent adult diseases, and treat insomnia., Increase the role of memory function, pregnant women can usually eat a small amount of seeds, but try not to eat spiced seeds, you can eat pure natural flavor seeds.

“嗑” is more likely to benefit a lot, after all, it can enhance digestive function; this is because the scent of melon seeds stimulates the “taste buds” on the tongue, making it excited and transmitted to the digestive organs, saliva of various digestive enzymes, gastric juice, etcCorrespondingly, the secretion of flourishing is definitely conducive to digestion and stagnation.

嗑 Before meals, promote appetite; 嗑 after meals, digest food.

Especially after eating greasy food, picking a handful of seeds is more beneficial.

It is good to eat sunflower seeds after meals, because sunflower seeds and watermelon seeds can be eaten. Trace elements such as protein, zinc, and multivitamins can enhance digestive function.

Sunflower seeds can activate the entire digestive system.

The aroma of sunflower seeds stimulates the taste buds on the tongue. The taste buds convert this nerve impulse into the brain, which in turn reacts to digestive organs such as salivary adenosine, which makes the secretion of saliva and gastric juice rich in various digestive enzymes relatively strong.

Therefore, pregnant women smash the melon seeds before or after meals, and the digestive juice is continuously secreted, which is very beneficial for digestion and absorption.

Therefore, melon seeds before meals can promote appetite, and melon seeds after meals can help digestion.

If several seeds are mixed, the effect is better.

But sunflower seeds contain a lot of content, and fat friends try to eat less.

There are many benefits to eating sunflower seeds in moderation. For example, linoleic acid in sunflower seeds can keep blood pressure stable and lower cholesterol in the body.

But eating too much sunflower seeds is likely to increase the burden on the liver to form abnormal liver, and then there are teeth of sunflower seeds.

Scientific theory proves that sunflower seeds contain some kind of oil, which is good for the skin / eyes / brain.

[Big bone soup spicy]_ bone soup _ how to make

[Big bone soup spicy]_ bone soup _ how to make

The big bone soup is much better than the normal spicy soup. This is mainly because the big bone soup is added. This soup can enhance the nutritional content of the spicy soup and make the taste richer.It will become more delicious, so when cooking big bone soup, you need to master specific skills, and you must cook for two or three hours to make the soup taste more delicious.

Ingredients: tomato, fish ball, meatball, crisp sausage, crab sticks, kelp, vermicelli, potato chips, lettuce, lettuce, coriander, greens, broth, garlic sauce, sesame sauce, small pepper and pepper oil Production steps: 1.

Put the oil in the pot, stir-fry the fragrant peppercorns and a small chili on a low heat, then remove and transform.


Slowly fry the red tomato sauce after peeling the diced tomatoes, add to a bowl of broth, and cook over low heat.


Slowly cook fish balls, meatballs, crisp sausages, crab sticks, kelp, and mushrooms to bring out the flavor 4.

Then put the vermicelli, soaked potato chips, lettuce, lettuce, coriander, small greens, etc. Turn off the heat after cooking, add garlic juice, and adjust the sesame sauce.

Tips The finished product is hot.

The main ingredients used in Mala Tang should be relatively easy to mature.

Do not use ingredients such as chicken wings, chicken feet, duck paw, beef, etc. that are not easy to be cooked.

Explosions such as catfish and scallops should be heated for a longer time. Do not turn too much when ironing this raw material. Too fast, master the heat, there will be no unfamiliar problems.

The production of Mala Tang is actually not complicated. The most important thing is to stir fry in one step. The bottom of the pot can be more fragrant and better in color. When combined with the above good medicinal materials, it can achieve more benefits with less effort.The soup made people feel drooling after seeing it, triggering a strong appetite!

The key to really improving the taste is the preparation of oil dishes. The characteristic of Mala Tang is that it requires more than a dozen materials to mix the oil dishes. The taste is mainly salty.

In many cities, the hot pot-style spicy sauce has changed the original appearance of spicy sauce, not to mention the taste. Sichuan dishes are generally heavy and very overbearing, so some people will have endless aftertaste and will have the idea of eating again!

Sichuan spicy is not as we imagined, because the peppers eaten by Sichuan people are fried and processed, and they are generally cooked in a wok, so unlike other provinces and cities, the peppers are hot in heart. SichuanSpicy will only linger in the mouth, which is what we often say is not spicy. People who have been to Sichuan should know it.

Modern women good to be lazy

Modern women “good to be lazy”

Modern high-tech products make housewives easier and less laborious, but a comfortable life can not help to promote inertia, making them all “heart wide and fat.”
Recently, a survey of British people found that modern women consume less than half the calories per day spent by housewives in the 1950s.
They exclaimed: ladies should lose weight!
  According to the survey, ordinary women in the 1950s spent much more time doing housework, purchasing and cooking than modern women.
Although household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners were invented at the time, the older generation of housewives who were diligent and intimate were not used to these “bulky” guys, preferring to do it themselves.
Therefore, their daily physical energy consumption is twice that of modern women.
Modern women are much more “happy” than they are: there are cars, food, take-away, shopping, supermarkets, laundry, dry cleaners. Everyday life, modern technology, thinks of saving time and effort.
In this way, they are accustomed to pampering, they will inevitably gain weight and “deformation.”
The latest issue of the British popular women’s magazine Prima pointed out that on the surface, modern women’s fat intake has decreased, and the level of diet has improved, but calorie intake has increased significantly, consumptionThe volume is on the decline.
Currently, 46% of men and 32% of women in the UK are overweight, and 17% of men and 21% of women are diagnosed with obesity.
The problem of obesity in middle-aged and older people is more prominent. Among the healthy people aged 55-64, 76% of men and 68% of women have different degrees of obesity.

Recognize 5 facts and be happy without a raise

Recognize 5 facts and be happy without a raise

1. It is not terrible to not raise a salary. It is terrible to blindly manage your finances. Many people are often worried because they are always unable to raise their salary.

  Because when people are worried, they will make wrong decisions. Zhou Xingyi said, “The most common decision in financial management is to worry about raising your salary and raising less, and then make high-risk investments.Manly, make a lot of money, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t raise your salary.

“To be precise, you may not only lose a lot of money by buying high-risk stocks, but you may also be unconscious about working for the entire day, and you may lose your biggest source of income-work.

  Moreover, the less wealth, the simpler the way of managing money should be, when Zhou Xing showed that young people who don’t have a lot of savings, even if they spend a lot of time investing in money management, because the principal is not much, the return will not be too high,If you spend too little time working on this important asset, but over-comparatively compares the less important asset, it is actually a violation of the investment principle.

“Some people actively manage their finances, but they are not worth the money. Many people have never bought a stock, and their lives are very good,” Zhou Xing said with a smile. “Someone once asked me:” I have a lot of money in fixed deposits.What do you say, here?

I told him, “Did you make a mistake, your trouble is what many people want.”

“In fact, it may be better to not manage your finances blindly.

  2. In fact, 3% is too much. Many people think that a 3% increase in salary is equivalent to only getting one or two thousand yuan a month. It would be too trivial to eat one more meal.

  But if you underestimate the 3% and spend it casually, then you may unknowingly lose a large fortune.

  I receive 2,000 more each month, and 24,000 more in one year. Zhou Xingyi, a professor at the Department of Financial Management of the Political University and the director of the Investor Research Center of the School of Business of the Political University, analyzed.

  A salary increase is a lifetime issue. Zhou Xingyi enumerated that if you are now 35 years old and retire after working for 30 years, even if you do n’t count it, this 3% increase in salary can actually increase your life 72Ten thousand yuan (2.

40,000 yuan * 30 years = 720,000 yuan).

  And I won’t raise my salary just once in my life.

Zhou Xingyi said that if there is an annual salary increase of about 3% in the next 30 years, when retirement, in fact, it has already accumulated more than 10 million yuan.

If there is a small 3% called this, and it is well saved, the 3% will become no small at all.

  3. We cannot know everything in life. People’s time and energy are limited. No one can achieve 100 points in career and 100 points in family.

  But when it comes to the financial goals of life, we always want everything. Now we have to drive a good car, live in a mansion, and travel around the world after retirement. There are too many goals, too big, so we ca n’t catch anything in the end.Here.

  A study in the United States found that wealthy people with total assets of more than one million US dollars spent almost no more than one-fifth of their household assets.

  The inspiration for rich people is that house is a kind of consumption, and excessive consumption cannot make a fortune. Zhou Xingyi is outstanding.

  The house where Zhou Xingyi lived with his wife and children was a simple apartment without elevators and parking spaces.

I can actually buy a house with an elevator and a parking space. Zhou Xingyi said, “But this will affect my retirement plan, so I am determined not to take action.

Zhou Xing repeatedly gave his own example.

One day, it rained heavily in the middle of the night, but the rain almost stopped in the morning. As soon as Zhou Xing drove to the campus to park, a colleague saw his car and asked him without thinking: “Why is there so much on your car?water?
Zhou Xingyi didn’t know why his colleagues asked so. When he saw his colleagues’ cars were clean, only a little bit of water reminded him that his colleagues were people with garages, and they lived in a house much better than their own.

  As a result, I joked with him and said, “If you have a garage, think of it without a garage. If you don’t have a garage in the future, it will be hard!

But I do n’t have a garage all the time, so I do n’t feel hard, ”he said with a smile.“ The point is that we have to learn to have less than others.

4. Do n’t ignore the power of saving. If you ca n’t save money, even if you can get a high salary at work, you can have a high profit in investment. In fact, for you, there is nothing at all.

  No matter how good or bad the stock market is, no matter how much your boss pays you, saving money is something you can do right away.

  And paying attention to your habit of saving and spending money will have an absolute impact on whether you can achieve your wealth goals in life.

  According to a recent study in the United States, whether people pay attention to their financial planning is actually related to how much wealth they have accumulated.

“If you’re an unplanned person, in the end, you will really be poorer than others,” said Andrew Caplin, a professor of economics at New York University who leads the study.

  5. Finding your investment blind spots. Do you often feel that the more you invest, the more discouraged you are?

  That may mean that you don’t know your investment blind spot yet, and you haven’t found an investment method that suits your personality.

  For positive, conservative and changeable investors, Zhou Meixuan, senior financial specialist at Fubon Bank, pointed out their blind spots and ways to strengthen them: Active investors often have strong bets and mustThe stakes are big, so like the regular quota, which only costs 3,000 yuan per month to buy funds, active investors are not looking at it.

  Therefore, active investors may wait until they receive the year-end bonus. When they have a fund of three or five million, they will go to buy the fund in a single order.Time, so investments often lose money.

  It is recommended that active investors, at least half of their savings, invest in a fixed amount on a regular basis to maintain disciplined investment and restore the risk that they like large investments.

  The conservative blind investor’s blind spot in financial management is to think too much. The decision might have been made correctly, but because he thought too much, he didn’t make a shot. As a result, the time was lost and the investment opportunity was missed.

  When a certain stock rises from 10 to 20, you can still buy it, but conservative investment will wait until it rises to 50, but it is too late.  Some conservative investors will even divide the money into four or five different banks because they are afraid that the bank will fall. But in fact, as long as one is selected, most stable banks will not fail.risk.
  Therefore, it is recommended that conservative investors do not think too carefully, because when focusing on details, they may ignore the general direction and make it difficult to obtain investment.

  Variable investors are usually too smart to see this or that, so they can easily change.

  Since changeable investors are resourceful, research-oriented, and love to receive news, so long as the market changes, changeable investors will change their investment strategies, so they are also suitable for short-term investment. In and out operations can not only meet the changeable type.Investors’ sense of accomplishment can really make money if they work hard enough.

  However, the disadvantage of variable investors is that it is difficult to maintain success. Therefore, it is recommended that the money be divided into two large pieces. One part is to invest in stable deposits and the other, and the other part is to invest in short-term investments to achieve complementary effects.

  Honestly, our expectations and disappointments for a raise are too great.

  The house where Zhou Xingyi lived with his wife and children was a simple apartment without elevators and parking spaces.
I can actually buy a house with an elevator and a parking space. Zhou Xingyi said, “But this will affect my retirement plan, so I am determined not to take action.

Zhou Xing repeatedly gave his own example.

One day, it rained heavily in the middle of the night, but the rain almost stopped in the morning. As soon as Zhou Xing drove to the campus to park, a colleague saw his car and asked him without thinking: “Why is there so much on your car?water?
Zhou Xingyi didn’t know why his colleagues asked so. When he saw his colleagues’ cars were clean, only a little bit of water reminded him that his colleagues were people with garages, and they lived in a house much better than their own.

  As a result, I joked with him and said, “If you have a garage, think of it without a garage. If you don’t have a garage in the future, it will be hard!
But I do n’t have a garage all the time, so I do n’t feel hard, ”he said with a smile.“ The point is that we have to learn to have less than others.

Polish life from man fist

Polish life from man fist

The life expectancy of male “boxing power” exceeds long life. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the grip strength of human hands has an important relationship with the liver meridian.

  Let’s start with an interesting phenomenon.

No matter the rich, the poor, or the poor, the people in the world have a common phenomenon when they are born and die. They all come with their fists and spread their hands.

The twelve Earthly Branches, as we all know, “Zi Yinyin .”, here is a sequence.

  The word “Zi” is a big head image of a child at birth, with a big head on top and a small body underneath.

After the birth of the child, people observed that a common sign of the child’s hand when he was born was to hold his big finger in his four fingers. This is the ancient pictogram of the word “ugly”.

In Taoism, the method of holding the thumb between the four fingers is called gripping.

  So why do children make fists like this at birth?

In the corresponding relationship between the five internal organs and the five gods in the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, the god corresponding to the liver is the soul.

Chinese medicine believes that if the liver qi is particularly sufficient, the human soul will be particularly sufficient.

It’s like an oil lamp. If the oil is enough, the light will be particularly bright. This light is the god.

When the child was born, the ì (xìn) door above his head was not closed, and the 囟 gate was considered as the place where the soul enters and exits. Therefore, when the child is born, the grasping method is to hold the soul.

The Taoist believes that the root of the ring finger is the wind-knob of the liver, so the thumb grip method is to pinch the thumb at the root of the ring finger. The child held it so tightly at birth, because the person was born with very strong liver gasAt the same time keep your soul fixed.

  When people die, they have a common phenomenon, that is, letting go.

This elephant hints to us an important truth. At the moment of death, the liver soul is dissipated, and the two hands can no longer hold on. When he gives up, his grip strength and liver qi go with the soul.

  In this sense, both the birth and death of a person have a lot to do with the growth of the liver.

The liver is of Jueyin nature in Chinese medicine, and has the ability to grow hair and be gentle. At the same time, the hair growth must be able to converge.

Therefore, when Chinese medicine describes the woody nature of the liver, the two words “quzhi” are used, and “qu” is its convergence, and “zhi” is its methodality.

So Chinese traditional culture’s approach to things is very dialectical.

  If we want to live longer, we should often exercise the grip of our hands.

  The ten-finger phase knock method The ten-finger phase knock method is a very good exercise method, that is, let the ten fingers of our hands face each other and strike each other.

This method is very effective in training the wells on the fingers. It not only exercises part of the hands, but also the liver qi. It is also very good for the health of our brain.

Girls with cold hands and feet must often cross their fingers so that blood can reach the ends of the limbs.

  Knead the walnut method. In daily life, we need to move our fingers more often.

In the past, the old people had a good exercise method-kneading walnuts, which is to put two walnuts in the palm of the hand and knead them. This method can move to each finger well, and the walnut is formed in the palm of the hand.It has a Tai Chi image, so it is also called Tai Chi Ball.

Reading Baby’s Innate Hobby

Reading Baby’s Innate Hobby

I don’t know if you found out that babies were born with a love for reading.

However, it seems that there are not many people who love to read as adults.

So who killed this innate hobby fatally?

  I have talked to many friends about baby reading.

A friend said, “I also ordered a pictorial for my baby. Every time she asks me to read, I let her watch the CD.

Like those pictorials, many come with CDs. Why should I read it to her?

I had a headache as soon as I saw the book.

“A friend bought some books for my baby under my influence, but she felt that it would be too tiring to read to her every day.

There is also an old classmate. She even feels that it is a pain to read to her baby, because her son likes reading too much. If she reads it, she will read it until the throat is inflamed and she will not stop.Afraid to read to your baby.

The baby of another friend especially likes reading. For an hour or two, she is worried that reading too much will affect vision, so she has been restricted. Finally, the baby is not reading anymore. She is particularly happy.

  In fact, it is not like some parents worry that reading a baby will hurt the eyes and make the baby a nerd.

On the contrary, the benefit of parent-child reading is too much.

According to neurological research, babies who often listen to stories and those who rarely accept this aspect of the list have significant differences in the nervous system.

When parents use language to communicate or tell stories with their baby, the baby’s progress is very amazing.

First of all, it can improve the baby’s language ability, and secondly, it can strengthen the baby’s logical thinking ability, and at the same time, it can relieve the stress.

  Moreover, reading is more beneficial to expanding your baby’s vocabulary than simply talking to your baby.

This is because books give babies more vocabulary and information through language and pictures.

Many words are difficult to see in our daily environment, and rarely become the content of daily communication.

But through reading it works.

  ”Enhancing logical thinking skills” is an unexpected gain from repeated storytelling.

The first time the baby listens to the story, he may only remember a little bit, but if he listens to it several times, he will notice the plot and order of the story.

Sometimes, I talk about germanium at will, and Zhiying always reminds me: Mom, what you say is wrong, what should it be.

After reading a lot of books, sometimes I get a new book, I stopped after reading half a sentence intentionally, and the little guy can guess what the next half sentence should be.

These things about gradualness and intuition will help your baby to realize his great potential in learning math, science, music and writing.

When telling a story to your baby, ask your baby: “What do you think will happen next?

“,” If you bring this story, what kind of ending will you tell?

“So-called, people who develop reading habits before bedtime can grow up to concentrate in any situation. They are quite successful people in life because they are good at studying and have imagination.

Reading has brought great joy to their lives, and the same day has also brought them to the ladder of success.

I often come across some mothers asking me how to enhance my baby’s concentration. I tell them: first, read a 20-minute book to the baby before going to bed every night;Performance.

These two things are what your baby likes, and they are also very helpful for cultivating your baby’s concentration.

After reading a bedtime story to her baby, the mother of a baby told me that her baby had made great progress.

  Anyone who loves reading knows that reading is a treat.

How to make your baby enjoy reading all his life?

I think it is important to develop reading habits from an early age.

If your baby likes reading, parents must like reading first.

Many people think that reading is to read characters, or to learn something. In fact, this is not the case. The purpose of reading is to read, to read characters, and to learn about music from reading. At best, they are just some accessories of reading.

However, many times, we may overlook the joy of reading because we overemphasize the importance of cognition.

In other words, Yemen often ignores the main product and pays too much attention to the accessories.  How to make your baby enjoy reading First of all, choose a good book. When your baby is very young, what your baby likes is good.

  Zhiying was about half a year old, and she liked to “see” the factory reports. The colorful factory reports were torn into pieces.

She usually reads the ads in the newspapers.

At that time, I was afraid that she would tear the book, so the books bought for her were not rotten, such as cloth books, bath books, hard paper books, etc.

When older, tell your baby that it will hurt if the book is torn, and the baby usually won’t tear the book.

After she was one year old, she chose many books in the mall herself. Some of her chose “Children’s Illustrated”, which she has been ordering for her since then. Every month, she basically reads “Children’s Illustrated Exercise”.Come down.
From reading, she mastered a lot of vocabulary and formed her own language logic.

I still remember a story made for me by Chi Ying when he was less than 2 years old. Although simple, it was complete.

The other day she saw a picture with a chicken on it, so she said, “One day, the chicken giggled, and it said,‘ I want to eat!

I want to eat!

‘I said,‘ you listen to your mother and your sister, and I ‘ll give you food.

‘Yeah, giggles full.

“But after the baby grows up day by day, the volume of reading is getting larger and larger, and it is no longer enough to just buy books in the mall.

  Moreover, there are too many books for babies now, so it is important to choose some kind of books.

Choose a book, not to see how classic it is, or to see if it interests your baby.

In the choice of books, the baby has “one vote of veto”.

The books he likes can be read ten times and a hundred times, and the books he doesn’t like may not be read again.

You may have 100 reasons to think this book is right for him, but he can overthrow you for one reason: it’s not fun!

  What kind of books make babies “fun”?

This requires the mother to carefully observe the baby’s preferences.

For example, my baby likes dinosaurs during this time, then I will search for some books related to dinosaurs for her to read, like “You look delicious”, “I am a tyrannosaurus”, etc. In addition, I also bought “QiStrange Stars Book and CD.

If the baby likes princesses, then I’ll buy Princess Barbie’s books and CDs and let her read enough.

Then she fell in love with cats again. There are still many picture books featuring cats, such as “Kitten Rose”, “Happy Story of Old Man and Trouble Cat”, “Cat Who Lived 1 Million Times”, etc. I bought it againShow her.

Some well-reviewed books are not necessarily liked by babies. Among the books I bought, some are not liked by Zhiying, similar to “The Cute Mouse Series”, which is indeed a good set of books, but so farBored and uninterested in this set of books.

  Of course, there are some books that are particularly popular, some kind of “Escape Bunny”, “Guess How I Love You”, “Different Carmela”, “Frog Flogg’s Growth Story”, “”Where’s the Wind?”, Smart Bean Series. These books seem to be read by most babies.

  There are also some books that are fun such as bathing books. When a baby is young, he can play while bathing. The bathing book will be called and will spray water.

Another cloth book can exercise your baby’s hands-on ability.

Older, you will find that your baby likes stickers, so you can buy him a sticker book.

One page of stickers can tell a story or make a story with your baby, which is really fun.

  To choose a good reading time is not suitable for reading every time, the best time may be before bedtime.

The baby’s mood is most stable before going to bed. If you can read a good book at this time, especially if parents can read with the baby, then reading the bedtime story together or the bedside story will become a happy babyThe episodic memory will help your baby to develop reading habits in the future, and it will also have a lubricating effect on parent-child communication.

Therefore, telling a story to your baby before going to bed has always been a good way to enhance parent-child relationship, and it is a catalyst for your baby to sleep well.

The latest research has found that the role of bedtime stories is so. When parents and babies roam in the fairy tale world, this quiet environment also unknowingly helps the brain develop.

  Telling a story also requires mastering some skills. You can’t just read the words rigidly. Let your baby be fascinated, moved, and applauded by the story.

The stories we choose in Ze are generally very beautiful, whether they are words or pictures.

If it is said that listening to stories is a kind of enjoyment for babies, then we should also treat storytelling as an admiration for our adults.

Therefore, when we speak with emotion, the baby will listen with emotion.

Tell a story, the sound should be rich, the voice of the monster is terrible, the voice of the princess is sweet, the voice of the bad person is devious, the voice of the little white rabbit is thin, the voice of Ohno is thick, andKittens are called “meows”, puppies are “wangwang” barking, and rooster feet “wow” cry . In short, every character, voice, tone and intonation in the story are different, bothIt should match the characteristics of each character, which will make the baby sound more complicated.

  Telling a story to your baby requires love and patience. When you mention it, your baby may ask a lot of questions. At this time, you can answer the baby ‘s question first, and then continue to tell the story. It is not necessary to follow the story from beginning to end.Questioning adult model.

Babies will find questions and ask questions at any time during the process of listening to the story, so they should also be answered at any time.Sometimes, the baby will want to participate in a story he likes, then let him enter the role, what is not possible 7 sometimes the baby may also adapt a story based on this, then let him adapt it.

  Letting your baby become a habit in enjoying reading and enjoying reading in habitual reading should be a great thing in life.

After interviewing a number of successful people, Fortune Magazine in the United States triggered an example: the success of the baby in the future, the most important thing is to accompany him every night to tell him the story before bed.

  Therefore, I hope that today’s babies will not have regrets in reading experience.

If there are conditions, preschool babies, parents can accompany him to do two things: read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles.

Moreover, reading this habit to your baby can be extended until the baby is 12 years old.

This is not because the baby does not recognize the word and needs the mother to read.

Babies who know a lot of words and babies who can already read on their own can continue to enjoy parent-child reading.

This horrible daylight is not worth returning in the summer and it is worth cherishing.

  The popular book “Escape Bunny”: Don’t underestimate this picture book published in 1942. Its authors are the pioneering figures in the American picture book world, Margaret and Clement!


Runaway Bunny has become a classic in children’s books.

Sixty years have passed, and it has been reprinted one after another. In 2002, the United States also launched the “Sixtieth Anniversary Edition” with a golden medal on the cover.

  ”Guess how much I love you”: When you love, love someone, maybe.

You will want to describe this feeling.


As the little rabbits and big rabbits found: love.

It is really not something that is easy to violate.

  ”Fears of all kinds”: What makes you scared?

If you are not afraid of anything, will you be happier?

Everyone is afraid.

This “Fun Fun” flip book tells us all kinds of “fear.”

Tips in the back of the book provide you with a way to overcome “fear.”

  ”If You Give Thousands of Mouse Bread”: In this book.

Causality is intertwined, and a cookie is both the end of the story and the beginning of it.

“If you give .” the series is fierce, no wonder someone exclaimed: “If you give rats a cookie” has become a cultural phenomenon!

  ”Taste of the Moon”: The story of the night is always full of charm.

The night is the background, the uneven canvas, and the embossed coating make people want to touch it.

The heavy color tone gives people a psychological support.

The animals’ efforts to taste the moon are full of imagination, and the babies must love it.

  ”The cat is too far in the sea”: The story is full of fantastic ideas and interesting characters and plots, and young readers can play happily in the story world.

Especially the meticulous picture details and plots that turn into shit before leaving Camit.

The Brigadier General will have fun, and the story will have a meaningful aftertaste for the seller.

  ”11 Cats Open a Cake Shop”: This book still follows the author’s usual creative methods: warm painting style, deep humor and unique descriptive language.

The humorous atmosphere of the book is vividly expressed by the rich facial expressions of eleven cats.

  ”Gullet”: won the Smartis Gold Prize for Children’s Books in 1999, and this series of painting books has won many international book awards since its publication.

It has also achieved great success in sales, setting a best-selling record of two million copies sold worldwide.

At present, the “Smart Bean Picture Book Series” is available in nearly 30 languages, and is loved by young readers from all over the world.

Eat more grapes and apples in autumn can prevent liver cancer

Eat more grapes and apples in autumn can prevent liver cancer

Fruit can completely supplement the vitamins needed by the human body and can prevent primary liver cancer.

Dr. Liu Ming, deputy dean of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, has applied for the National Natural Science Foundation of China-fruit prevention of liver cancer.

The result of this study is that some fruit extracts can be used to produce pharmaceutical preparations or oral liquids, which are convenient for people at high risk for liver cancer.

  When Dr. Liu Ming studied in the United States in 2002, he discovered a fruit called raspberry with a large amount of “embedded acid”. Liu Ming mixed culture of “implanted acid” with liver cancer and found that “implanted”Acid” can actually inhibit tumor growth.

  After returning home, Liu Ming found in the research that grapes, apples and other fruits also have anti-cancer effects.

Among them, grape skin contains highly effective anticancer substances such as anthocyanins, flavonoids, and plant polyphenols. From grapes and apples, substances that have antioxidant properties, inhibit tumor cell proliferation, and promote new blood vessel formation can be extracted.

  It has been found that carriers of hepatitis B virus, people who have been eating moldy food in rural areas for a long time, and those at high risk who have a family history of genetic diseases, if they consume fruits such as raspberries, grapes, etc., they can effectively prevent primary liver cancer.

  Regarding how to eat fruits reasonably, Dr. Liu Ming made three suggestions: First, eat at least two fruits such as grapes, apples, or oranges every day. If they are served with cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables at the same time, the effect is better;  The second is that grapes, apples and other fruits need to be soaked, washed and eaten with peel; the third is that the daily intake of vegetables and fruits is more than 400-500 grams, and there are many varieties of fruits and vegetables to replace.

See the character of others from the kiss of a man

See the character of others from the kiss of a man

Kisses are always sweet. What about the character behind the kiss?

  The feeling of kissing is always so beautiful-he actively creates life.

Good at adapting to the environment, having good interpersonal relationships, and extremely gentle and considerate to her lover.

  Eyes-He is a love knight who hopes to like conquest and can sacrifice everything for love.

At the same time, this kind of person also likes to kiss other sexy areas of lovers.

  Nose-He is a person who likes ml very much. He has a dual personality and heavy playability. His weakness makes it difficult for him to build a good career foundation.

  Cheek-He is kind and friendly. He hopes to make peace valuable and is a person who knows friendship.

Being completely loyal to love is easier to be deceived.

  Ear-He is a very insightful person and can easily understand the minds and pains of others. In terms of emotion, he dares to love and hate, and he will also use others to achieve his goals.

  Mouth-He is a person who is devoted to love. When he kisses, it means he has promised himself. Such a person is very confident and has a deep moral outlook.

  Neck-He is not specific about love and cannot concentrate on a long-lasting love, but at the same time will ask women to wait for him.

  Feet and toes-he respects each other’s feelings and regards each other as the most important person in life.

The lovers will make every effort to cooperate fully and have a slight tendency to abuse.

  Ankle-He is extremely sexual and usually only likes certain types of sexual partners.

  Hair-In sexual relations, he is jealous and possesses a strong desire to possess.

  Where does he like to kiss?



Still mouth?

It’s not the soles of the feet!

Anti-aging defense battle 25-year-old mature muscle intensive maintenance method_1

Anti-aging defense battle 25 years old mature muscle intensive maintenance method

After 25 years of age, have you suddenly noticed your dark circles and fine lines around your eyes? The crow’s feet are lingering, the two spots are getting deeper and more visible, and the line is dry and dehydrated, dull and dull.Even skin.

It ‘s okay, I ‘ll bring you a super-repairing Dafa today, so that the dead mature muscles can also be saved, so let ‘s take a look together.

  Super-repairing Dafa’s abandoned mature muscles also has the key to rescue and maintenance, that is, oral administration + external maintenance.

Cultivate a good life and rest and eliminate the negative factors that cause aging, which can greatly delay the aging rate of the skin.

  Intensive maintenance: Daytime anti-aging: 95% of the skin’s wrinkles, stains and sagging are caused by ultraviolet radiation, so sun protection and anti-aging have become the focus of daytime maintenance for mature skin. It can also be ignored in cloudy and winter.

  Anti-aging at night: products that replace mild moisturizers carefully remove makeup and cleanse the face to ensure that subsequent skin care products can be fully absorbed.

Then use a night cream that promotes skin metabolism and reduces pigmentation, plus high-efficiency anti-oxidant essence, using the corresponding application method to enhance the facial lines, help the product absorb, and then you can go to sleep and sleep.

  Selection of anti-aging ingredients: In the selection of anti-aging ingredients for skin care products and essences, only the right ones can be used to save the mature muscles.

Now let’s pick together other specialized and effective anti-aging ingredients in addition to other universal Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

  1. Coenzyme Q 10: As a good natural antioxidant in the human body, it can improve the body’s antioxidant capacity and slow down the aging rate.

Enhance skin elasticity, soften and moisturize skin, make skin smooth and restore skin vitality.

And while replenishing the skin’s lack of vitamins, whitening and lightening spots, it also tightens loose skin.

  2. Polypeptide: more common peptides such as hexapeptide. This botulinum-like component can slow down the transmission speed of skin nerve cells and effectively relax the facial skin, thereby improving dynamic expression lines, static lines, and fine lines.And other skin lines.

  3. Vitamin A: It can help firm skin, smooth wrinkles and eliminate the effect of preventing acne.

  4, plant polyphenols: a powerful weapon against free radicals.

Effectively address various fine lines and deep wrinkles such as dry lines, expression lines, eyebrow lines, crow’s feet lines and head lines.

  5. Astaxanthin: an anti-oxidant expert in the deep sea, which can make dull skin soft, delicate, and lustrous, and the skin texture will also be improved.

  6, Fruit acid, A acid: Metabolic keratin acid “class” ingredients, can help precise skin rejuvenation, remove accumulated keratin waste, strengthen metabolism, promote other nutrients to be absorbed by the dermis layer, and maintain skin’s firm elasticity.

  Extra effect of the mask: It is best to arrange the mask with exfoliation, because for non-drying and strongly sensitive skin, 1?
Exfoliating twice can restore delicate skin and promote skin absorption.

  Before applying the mask, it is best to apply a toner, so that the wet skin can absorb moisture and nutrients more, and improve the effect of the mask.

During the application process, adding a layer of fresh-keeping film to the mask or covering it with a warm wet towel can accelerate the release of the nutrition of the mask.

After removing the mask, wash the longer residue thoroughly with clean warm water, and then rinse it with cold water to help shrink the pores. Finally, perform the usual skin care steps and you’re done.

  Supplement: 12pm to 3am is the most efficient time for skin to repair damaged cells. Therefore, the best effect is before this time. It conforms to the physical characteristics of the body and is conducive to nutrient transport.

  Massage First Aid: STEP 1: Use your index finger middle finger and ring finger to lift the skin from both sides of the cheek to the temple, you will feel the skin on the face is tightened, remember to gently pull diagonally when you move.

  Step 2: Use a finger-like wheel fingering method to massage the cheek skin with the index finger-middle finger- ring finger-little finger in order to pull upwards.

  Step 3: Use the left and right “scissors hands” to stick to the edge of the lower jaw. The tip of the lower chin is the original point and “cut” to the lymph under the earlobe. It can improve the relaxation and strengthen the contours of the facial lines.

  Anti-aging foods: For repairing mature muscles, in addition to eating a small amount of collagen food, it does not prevent daily consumption of nutritious foods such as yam, soy products, etc. It also helps to regulate hormones and relieve menstrual pain while resisting aging.

  Not only that, many common vegetables and fruits are rich in proanthocyanidins, chlorophyll black fruits such as mulberry and black grapes, so beta-carotene carrots, pumpkins, papaya, and lycopene, which has anti-cancer effects, represent tomatoes and watermelons.Red peppers are good babies with many antioxidants (lycopene must be better absorbed by the body after heating).

  Nucleic acids in shiitake mushrooms are important substances in cell metabolism; catechins in tea and resveratrol in wine, etc., have antioxidant functions, and can appropriately prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer.