How about healthy fattening

How about healthy fattening

Many people are troubled by the thinness of their bodies. They want to gain fat quickly. Men want to make themselves look stronger and stronger. Women want to make themselves more aggravated.

But I am afraid that many people do not know that fattening is also about scientific methods.

In the traditional sense, we thought that we can increase fat as long as we eat more. In fact, this idea is completely wrong. We must pay attention to a gradual process.

We all know that weight loss is not a day or two can be successful. Similarly, fattening is not a one-off process, but also pay attention to methods.

Whether a person’s body is fat or thin, not just by our eyes can be polished, here to introduce a calculation formula, to see if you are a thin group: use the height of the number of centimeters is about 100 and then multiply by 0.

9, the answer is my standard weight.

If the individual is 180 cm tall, the standard weight is (180-100) × 0.

9 = 72 kg, which is normal below or above 10% of the standard weight.

If your actual weight is less than 10% of the standard weight, consider whether you are too thin.

When we have a certain understanding of our body, then we have to consider how to increase the fat.

Lime Fertilizer Network recommends that you first ensure that you have enough sleep every day, but also to ensure a balanced diet.

Nowadays, most people like to live, or simply play a night, but the next day they have to work hard to go to work, which seriously affects the quality of our sleep, so fattening is very difficult to succeed.

First of all, we must pay attention to our mental health problems, do not add too much pressure to ourselves, and maintain a relaxed state of mind.

When we do the above, we can also take some fertilization drugs properly. Lime and fattening powder can not only increase people’s appetite, improve digestion and absorption capacity, but also improve people’s physical fitness and effectively increase body weight.

Analysis of whether women will become more and more beautiful

Analysis of whether women will become more and more beautiful

A few days ago, an article entitled “Women Are” Beautifully Evolving “” (attached to the article) was quickly reprinted for major newspapers and online media after Xinhuanet appeared.

Some domestic media quipped that this is a message that “inspires women all over the world.”

The main point of the article is that some scientists have found that during the evolution of human beings, women are becoming more and more beautiful, while the appearance of men is as “unattractive” as in the “cave” era.

  This assertion is based on two scientific findings.

One is that Finnish scientists have studied data from 1,044 women and 997 men in the United States for 40 years. They believe that beautiful women have 16% more children than women who look ordinary.

Another study came from Kanazawa Chi, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He believes that if a couple looks charming, their chance of having a son is 26% less than other couples.

“If good-looking parents have more daughters, and if their appearance can be inherited, then logically, after many generations, women will indeed look better than men.”

  In fact, Andrew Gelman, a statistician at Columbia University in the United States, has long criticized Jin Zezhi’s research for making multiple mistakes in his statistics.The odds are 8% higher than other couples, not 26%, and this bias has a significant impact on the results of the study).

Kanazawa did not respond to these criticisms and continued to publish his research results.

  Even if this research follows rigorous experimental rules, the biggest problem is that what is “beautiful” and “pretty” does not seem to have a fixed standard, and there are a lot of psychological, cultural and regional differences.

However, on the surface, it is difficult to use accusations of “discrimination against women” to blame Kanazawa, because his experiment is a synthesis of male and female views on appearance.

This is not like a simple criticism of feminists, it is a male standard.

  However, if we further analyze the analysis samples and data sources of these evolutionary psychologists, the problem comes.

According to Kanazawa’s thesis abstract, a sample of his research “pretty” was taken from high school students who graduated from Wisconsin, USA in 1957.

Some American readers responded that people were married earlier and born earlier in 1957, so compared with the current people, the appearance factors of people in the 1950s in high school were more closely related to the “generation” of them.

Moreover, this study did not track the situation of female students in the current year, nor did they analyze the situation of younger generations.

For the younger generation, whether or not they are beautiful at the age of 18 may have little to do with having children after ten or twenty years.

Moreover, the research results based on North American society cannot be inferred to the situation in other parts of the world.

  Evolutionary psychologists mainly believe that human behavior choices today are the result of millions of years of evolution and are naturally hidden in human “evolutionary genes”.

However, both men and women think that the waist-to-hip ratio of 7:10 is the best. Is it genetically determined, or is it the “sight” that is bombarded by “massive” ads every day?

Behind these golden sections of the body, how strictly do women really go on a diet and undergo painful cosmetic surgery?

  However, at least on gender issues, scientific research has never been objectively neutral.

For example, scientists have studied the differences between men and women’s brains, leading to different divisions of labor. Even a few years ago, Lawrence Summers, the 27th president of Harvard University, uttered an astonishing statement at an academic conference, stating that “Congenital gender differences may lead to women’s achievements in scienceVery few “, and teachers and students protested from step down.

  Scientists often ignore the fact that adults let boys play with machines from an early age, allowing them to set a scientific example, ideals, and a sense of challenge; on the contrary, girls let them stay with ragdolls and train them how to become women.

Under such circumstances, it is not difficult to understand that women are becoming less and less in the process of continuous deepening of science education and science practice; when science is shaping men, women have been excluded.

Therefore, scientists studying the gender differences in the brain may be the brain trained through culture; to explain cultural phenomena in turn, it is likely to be the cause.

  Looking at the statement that “women are getting more beautiful” and reorganizing, we should remain skeptical of this “scientific research”; admit that if genes and evolutionary choices cannot be changed by individuals, then let us do what we can do, thenIt is to judge a person through the achievements of the day after tomorrow’s hard work without congenital choice, and at the same time, make the concept of “beauty” pluralistic.

Life preferences sharpen your view of love

Life preferences sharpen your view of love

Different people have different preferences, some like white, some hate red, etc., but these are ordinary preferences, but they can also restore your view of love. Want to know if it is right or notJust take a look with Xiaobian.

  1. Hate purple.

  People who hate purple, like to take control in love.

The companion says that it is to love each other for change, it is better to follow their own wishes to shape the lover.

You are strong in love, love to control people, so that your lover can’t help but want to escape from your side.

However, because you are confident, you won’t be too sad even if your lover leaves you.

  2, hate black.

  A man who hates black looks like a freelancer who hates being bound in love.

I believe in choosing objects with my own instincts.

In particular, I believe that love at first sight, even if the other party has an object or family, you will desperately pursue him, which is very dangerous.

  3. I hate pink.

  People who hate pink don’t feel candid enough in love.

Often it causes the other half to be fussy. Even if the other party gives you a gift, before saying thank you, they will pick and choose a bunch of things that should not be said.

To be honest, you just want the other person to hold you up and treat you obediently.

  4, hate yellow.

  People who hate yellow are in love and like to impose their own assessment on each other.

Therefore, they are mostly looking for similar or ordinary objects, and they will never become interested in artists who cannot predict the future.

But people who resemble themselves for a long time and feel that they lack a certain kind of stimulation and want to change the status quo are really contradictory.

  5, hate blue.

  People who hate blue seek complementary objects in love.

If you lack talent, temporarily admire talented people.

For you, people who have advantages they don’t have will make your life more exciting and exciting.

But this kind of character is easy to show tiredness, and once you meet a more powerful object, you will immediately empathize with each other.

  6, hate green.

  People who hate green do not want to become adults in their mentality, so in love, they want to be prepared to take care and attention, and hope that the other party will continue to pay for themselves.

Because of this kind of personality that is not easy to think for the other side, often speaking words that hurt people but they are not conscious, in the end, it will only make lovers sad.

  7, hate red.

  People who hate red don’t like being too close to him.

Because of this, you will escape from the sudden and persecution-type love.

In fact, you are eager for intense love in your heart, but because of this contradictory personality, you have been going up and down on the road of feelings. These ups and downs also make you more entangled in love, so that you miss the good destiny.

  8, hate brown.

  The people who hate brown take a laissez-faire attitude in love.

Likes active, direct and strong love to do anything, good relationship, this will make your lover uneasy.

You spend more time with your friends than your lover, so your lover will one day leave you.

  Regarding the claim that nasty colors can reveal the concept of love, everyone must now have a general understanding.

You can test it yourself to see if it is accurate.

Of course, in love, you can only find true love if you keep a sincere and pure heart.

Do not do spotty girl inside and outside and tune farewell freckles_1

Don’t do spotty girl, both inside and outside, and say goodbye to freckles

The biggest invasion of many white girls is freckles. The statement that freckles are cute can’t convince yourself long ago, then correct the freckles and open the knot!

However, there are also misunderstandings in eliminating speckles. If you do not want the opposite, mastering the right method is the most important.

Today’s editor summarizes the freckle removal rules both inside and outside of the beauty doctor. If you don’t want to be a spotty girl, learn it quickly!

  Understanding freckles: “Freckle genetic genes” increase the tyrosinase activity of the basal layer under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, forming melanin, that is, freckles, also called gene spots.

It was born during the fetal period and is an innate fixed body.

Freckles are usually scattered on the face, especially around the nose and limbs. Bare parts of the body such as the back of the hand, neck, ears, shoulders and arms can also be seen.

  First of all, the most fundamental thing to prevent freckles is sunscreen, sunscreen lotion, suntan lotion, etc.

A sunscreen with SPF15 is generally sufficient.

  In order to prevent all kinds of ionizing radiation including glass bulb display, various fluorescent lamps, X-ray machines, ultraviolet irradiators and so on.

These adverse stimuli may have consequences similar to that of strong sunlight, and they may even cause more damage than sunlight, and as a result, the color spots may worsen.

  Thirdly, it is forbidden to use “quick spot freckle cream” which is rich in hormones, lead, mercury and other harmful substances, because it is very simple and too much, which may cause hundreds of alternatives and even cause serious disfigurement.

  Fourth, we must be cautious in using various traumatic treatments. Here we mainly refer to corrosive substances such as freezing, lasers, electric ions, strong acids and alkalis, otherwise it is easy to cause disfigurement.

  In addition, you should pay attention to sleep and diet, drink plenty of water, drink more soup, eat more fruits, eggs and lean meat in high-quality protein can also help the smooth and delicate skin.

  Experts remind: too much salt is also easy to grow freckles too much salt, in addition to looking black and yellow, may also cause freckles on the cheeks.

If animal feces and too much protein are implanted at the same time, it will affect the normal metabolism of the liver and make freckles more prominent.

  Prevention is very important, but if you want to solve the emergency quickly, you still need to improve it through 9 acupoint massage and diet conditioning.

  Sanyinjiao: fracture of the lower leg, when the tip of the foot is reduced by 10 cm, it becomes behind the edge of the osteophyte.

  Yinlingquan: It is located in the bone depression of the lower leg fracture, the fracture below the knee, opposite to Yanglingquan, or the depression after the tibia fracture.

Ground Machine: Located 10 cm below Yinling Spring Point.

  Intermediate: Acupoints were taken at the intersection of the fourth intercostal space of the chest and the front midline.

  Guan Yuan: The midline of the lower abdomen, when the umbilicus is 10 cm lower.

  Qi Hai: 5 cm below the spinous process of the 3rd lumbar vertebra.

Shenshu: 5 cm away from the spinous process of the second lumbar spine.

  Zusanli: 10 cm below the eyes of the outer knee, about a lateral finger on the lateral side of the upper bone.

  Spleen Shu: hip, under the spinous process of the eleventh thoracic spine, with two fingers wide on the left and right sides.

  Walnut ingredients: 250 grams of walnut kernels, 250 grams of black sesame seeds, 200 ml of milk, 20 ml of soy milk, moderate sugar, and 1 egg.

  Method: Grind walnut kernel and black sesame into powder, mix with milk, soy milk and white sugar, boil in a pot, beat in eggs, and cook until the eggs are cooked.

  Efficacy: This drink has freckle whitening effect.

For facial or skin pigmentation.

  Chrysanthemum whitening freckle tea ingredients: 10 grams of chrysanthemum tea, 100 grams of red bean paste, 15 grams of honey, 15 grams of coffee mate, 200 ml of boiling water.

  Method: a, add 100 grams of red bean paste and 100 ml of cold water to the juice machine, beat well and set aside.

  b. Add 2/3 ice cubes to the cup, and add 150 ml of brewed chrysanthemum tea.

  c. Add the stirred red bean paste and coffee mate, add honey, and stir well.

  d. Pour the prepared milk tea into a long cup and add some ice cubes.

  Ingredients for fruity whitening freckle tea: 9 strawberries, 5 grams of mulberry powder, one apple, 15 grams of honey, seasoned with spinach, 2 slices of lemon, and an appropriate amount of ice cubes.

  Method: a, first make strawberries, apples and spinach into a fruit juice machine.

The residue was filtered off.

  b. Pour the juice into the pot and add honey. Cook over low heat until it boils and turn off the heat.   c. Add mulberry powder and brew for 5 minutes.

  d. Pour into the tea maker and add lemon slices.

Add a small amount of ice cubes at the public time.

  Rose freckle milk tea ingredients: 9 dried roses, 15 grams of coffee mate, 150 grams of mung bean paste, ice cubes, boiled water, 15 grams of honey.

  Method: a. Add mung bean paste and 100 ml of boiling water to the juice maker, and evenly put the dried roses in hot water.

  b. Add 2/3 ice cubes to the cup, and add 300 ml of a cup of rose tea.

  c. Add the mung bean paste and coffee mate to the cup.

  d, add 15 grams of honey and stir well.

Pour the milk tea into the cup.

  Ingredients for pineapple lemon freckle tea: 50 grams of pineapple flesh, 10 grams of lemon juice, 2 oranges, sugar, 5 grams of fructose, 5 grams of honey, appropriate amount of boiling water, appropriate amount of ice cubes, and 3 grams of peony

  Method: a. Put the pineapple pulp and orange pulp in a small pot, add an appropriate amount of water and heat over low heat.

  b. After boiling, send fructose and lemon juice and continue to heat c. Add sugar and honey and stir.

  d. Add 3 grams of white lotus root powder and evenly pour it into the cup for the first time and add ice cubes.

Precious medicines are not suitable for everyone

Precious medicines are not suitable for everyone

With the improvement of modern people’s health awareness, sending health supplements has become a fashion.

Every holiday season, many friends will receive some health nutrition products, and even some valuable Chinese medicinal materials, such as ginseng, cordyceps, antler and so on.

Because these Chinese herbal medicines are more expensive, I always want to leave my family to supplement the body, so that precious Chinese herbal medicine is not for everyone.

  The son of the college entrance examination eats Ms. Li’s son.

Seeing that the child was so tired of studying, Ms. Li changed her method to prepare food for the child.

She didn’t think it would be enough to just eat, she had to give him some tonic medicine.

I remembered that there were two good ginsengs in the house, so I cut a little for the son to cook soup.

But his son never felt good after drinking the tonic. Instead, he quarrelled about headaches and had nosebleeds.

Ms. Li was frightened, and hurriedly took her son to see a Chinese doctor to see a doctor.

The doctor said that it was eaten with ginseng, and it was made up. It may cause hair loss after eating.

Ms. Li wondered, could something good be eaten like this?

  Medication warning: Ginseng has a good qi-enriching effect, can enhance the body’s resistance, and enhance the role of strong physique.

Ginseng itself also has a hypoglycemic effect, so for people with diabetes, ginseng should be a good supplement.

Ginseng has a cardiotonic effect and can also be used to treat patients with shock.

Chinese Pharmacopoeia records show that the ginsenoside content in ginseng, which plays a major role, is more than 2%, which is 3 times that of American ginseng.

Therefore, the requirements for dosage when eating ginseng are very strict, and generally it is required to take less than 5 grams at a time.

No more than twice a day, otherwise it will be easy to make up.

After ginseng has been supplemented, complications such as upset, headache, insomnia, increased blood pressure, and depression may occur. Some young people who are physically strong are prone to nosebleeds after eating.

Experts suggest that if you want to take ginseng stored at home, it is best to take it under the guidance of a doctor, rather than taking it by yourself at home.

In addition, ginseng is too hot, which will cause blood delusion in the body after taking it, which will affect the efficacy of blood coagulation drugs. Therefore, people who are taking blood coagulation drugs should try to avoid taking them.

  High blood pressure father eats antler Lu Yuan gave his father some antler during Chinese New Year.

Want him to supplement his body.

Father was very happy to see his daughter filial piety to him.

Lu Yuan also worried that her mother didn’t know the dosage and how to stew, so she bought balances and Chinese herbal supplement recipes.

The mother carefully weighed the grams according to the requirements in the book, and stewed the soup with the ribs.

The old couple drank the soup. The mother felt pretty good, but the father found his gums swollen the next day, and hurriedly called Lu Yuan to ask the doctor what was going on.

After consulting with the doctor, Lu Yuan felt very frightened. The doctor told her that people with high blood pressure should not eat velvet antler, and Lu Yuan’s father was a high blood pressure patient.

  Medication warning: velvet antler is a valuable traditional Chinese medicine for strengthening the yang, replenishing qi and enriching the essence, and strengthening bones and bones. It is mainly used for systemic weakness, physical weakness after recovery from old age or illness, and recovery after illness.

For some cold hands and feet, chills and cold, fatigue and other symptoms are also suitable.

However, there are many requirements for taking velvet antler, which should be taken according to the specific conditions of different seasons and different consumers.

In terms of dosage, it depends on the severity of the symptoms. Avoid taking more, taking long-term, it is best to use under the guidance of a professional Chinese pharmacist.

Velvet antler is extremely hot. Some hypertensive patients with yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity, as well as patients with hepatitis, pulmonary fever, etc. must be used with caution. If gum swelling and pain occur, they should be stopped immediately.

During use, if you have dry stools, yellow urine, dry mouth, nosebleeds, etc., you should stop eating.

When accompanied by complications such as cold, fever, headache, cough, etc., it is not advisable to take velvet antler. Children under 3 years of age should be used with caution.

  A cold caused by an acute cough. Mr. Zhang is a boss of a business.

The other day, I caught a cold due to the wind and cold, and had a cough. He heard that Cordyceps sinensis was a good medicine for relieving lungs and cough, so he went to a pharmacy to buy it.

  Medication warning: Cordyceps sinensis has always been considered a good medicine for cough, and has obvious effect in treating cough.

But not all coughs can be treated with Cordyceps sinensis.Generally speaking, some people with chronic cough diseases such as “old chronic branch”, “pressurized” and “emphysema” belong to the traditional Chinese medicine “lung and kidney deficiency, qi deficiency and essence failure” syndrome type taking Cordyceps sinensis is very effective.

Some coughs caused by colds are not suitable for use with Cordyceps. If patients take Cordyceps at will, they will not only stop coughing, but they will reduce the worsening of the cough.

This is the so-called “stay behind the door” and often encounters this type of cough in clinical practice.

Girlfriend would rather commit suicide than go to bed

Girlfriend would rather commit suicide than go to bed

Each of the first 10 sighs gave me a sudden feeling.

Later, when I discovered that these sighs were to Tiannuo, like the relationship between commas and prose, my emotions were no longer affected.

  I just thought that if the sighs had weight, then the content in Tiannuo’s heart must be heavy. Even if they rushed out, those sighs still kept replicating themselves.

  The enthusiastic me, the indifferent me, and Meimei (pseudonym) are both from A city in Hubei. We are high school classmates.

We went to high school 10 years ago and one day she celebrated her birthday. I gave her two apples to wish her a happy birthday.

From then on, Mei Mei and I met on the road, and would always talk a few more words, and our relationship has become closer than the average classmate.

  At that time, we were ignorant and regarded each other as our good friends.

After graduating, I was admitted to a key university in Wuhan, and the Meimei exam was not ideal. I went to an ordinary university in Hubei B city.

  Four years in college, I ran to see Meimei every year.

In the first year, I went to see her with many things.

She accepted it politely, but in addition, she did not show any joy to my arrival.

  The next year, when she saw me again, she pulled me directly to the Internet cafe, and then she went online alone and ignored me.

I said, I’ll come to see you in a four or five hour car, can’t you talk to me?

She still stared at the screen and ignored me.

  In the third year, on her birthday, I ran happily and bought her a lot of things. Behind her, she said, “Why are you so good to me?

“In the fourth year, I was celebrating my birthday. I wanted to surprise her and suddenly appeared in front of her. She said flatly to me:” Oh, here you are. ”

I feel aggrieved. I remember her every birthday, but she never remembers my birthday.

  During the four years of college, I turned on 24 hours. I was afraid that one night, Meimei suddenly needed me but found me.

However, even in the daytime, Meimei actively counted the number of phone calls.

  When the university was about to graduate, Meimei owed over 8,000 yuan to the school.

I started working part-time in college, and saved more than 10,000 yuan.

Meimei wants me to pay her tuition.

  I asked my family’s opinions and they said that it would be fine if they were girlfriends.

I conveyed my opinion to Meimei, Meimei said, “Even if you hand it over to me, stay away from me.

“” Is it always you who are passionate about yourself, she has never liked you at all?

“I really doubt that Tiannuo misunderstood Meimei.

  ”She has affection for me, otherwise she would not agree to be my girlfriend.

Tian Nuo said firmly.

  I am tolerant. After her college graduation, I was very picky. I smoothly entered a Wuhan company to work. Due to my outstanding performance, I was promoted to department manager.

However, Meimei has been having trouble finding a job.

  Meimei looks pretty, feels very good, and is super confident.

She is very proud and strong, and often runs into interviews.

I bitterly said to her: do things with a high profile and be a low profile.

She just doesn’t listen.

  When Meimei first came to Wuhan to find a job, she was like a fool.

She couldn’t even take a bus to Zhongnan.

Every time I say her, she responds very loudly and yells at me.
  ”When you first arrived in Wuhan, would you take a bus to Zhongnan?
“I think Tiannuo’s evaluation of Meimei is a little unfair.

Tian Nuo sighed, and the dark clouds between the eyebrows were even stronger.

  I know, Meimei yelled at me because she had long regarded me as her relative.

In these years, when Meimei was most helpless, I always stayed with her.

Our former high school classmates all said that I was stupid, just like a canine-skinned dog beside Meimei.

  However, the puppies also have his vitality.

September 27, 2004 was the lowest point in Meimei’s life.

After she ran into a job again, she finally agreed to be my girlfriend.

  For the first time, I held Meimei’s hand and kissed Meimei’s lips for the first time.

Years of hard work have finally come to fruition.

  Later, I lived with Mei Mei.

I tolerate everything and tolerate everything.

I took all the housework without complaint, but Meimei said that I was not like a man.

Any wind and rain, as long as I am not with her, I will text her, asking her to take good care of herself and pay attention to safety.

Meimei said that I am a mother-in-law.

  I know Meimei likes boys like F4, but if he lives, he should be a man like me.

  Although I promised to be my girlfriend, I found Meimei unhappy.

She chats with her netizens very much every day, but as soon as she sees me offline, her face is stretched.

She said that I was too dumb, not romantic at all, and not manly.

I know what she refers to as a masculine character, that is to say, those boys who are smooth-spoken, not serious.

It’s best to cut a hole in jeans and whistle on the street.

  She doesn’t like a man like me who does housework at home from nine to five.

  ”What do you like about her?

“I’m very puzzled.

  ”For so many years, liking her has become a belief of mine, and I want to do my best to take care of her and make her happy.

“Tian Nuo is firm.

“Have you ever thought that she would be unhappy as long as she saw you?

“”will not.

She said she was happy with me.

“Sad me, desperate, Meimei has never found a stable job. I take great care of her in terms of life and material. I buy everything she wants.

There are flights, I know Meimei is hiding from my blind date outside, but in the end she found out that the best person in the world to me was me.

  Although He Meimei slept in a bed, I respect her very much and never cross Leichi half a step.

But one night, Meimei told me one thing and it broke my heart.

  Tian Nuo’s breathing became very short. It took him a long time to gather a lot of courage before he told me why Meimei broke his heart.

  Meimei, she is not a virgin.

When she told me, I was trembling all over, my heart hurt, and my chest was very stuffy.

  I twitched for one second and two minutes before telling Meimei: “People always make mistakes, but if you know what is wrong, you can change it.

I don’t live with your body, I live by my heart.

“On Valentine’s Day last year, Meimei said we were insufficient and wanted to break up with me.
Am I not enough?
She’s not content yet?

I cried.

  After crying, I asked to be intimate with Mei Mei. She didn’t agree. We quarreled for the first time.

Mei Mei said: “If you dare touch me, I will jump down from this floor.

“I rushed to hug her and pulled her clothes.

After Meimei broke away from me, she climbed up to the bathroom window sill, picked up a knife, compared to her wrist, and said, “Come again, I’ll show you death.

“That night, we froze until four in the morning.

Early in the morning the next morning, I felt like I was wrong.

I hurriedly regretted Meimei, but unfortunately it was too late to apologize.

I knelt before Meimei and begged her to forgive me.

Meimei only said one word: we won’t contact again in the future.

  This is something that our adults may know. My relationship with Meimei has become completely irreparable.

  Some time ago, our high school classmates built a group.

But I found that Meimei was deliberately avoiding me, and as long as I was there, she was offline.

Later, she even retired.

My classmates scolded me: if you do n’t have her, if you do n’t have you, it ‘s you who angered her.

  I feel very wronged, in fact, I and Mei Mei can calmly deal with it without having to be so embarrassed.

  However, although I broke up for more than a year, I still love Meimei in my heart, I always look forward to her returning to me.

I couldn’t help but want to take care of her from time to time. If Meimei can come back, I will cherish her.

Many people do not believe that there are still boys who will only love one girl in their lifetime.

I’m such a person. I can live with Meimei forever, tolerate her, understand her, and respect her.

  ”Have you ever thought about putting this mind on another girl who likes you?

“”I can not do it.

I can’t like all the other girls.

I just want to be beautiful.

5 super hot cleansing oils recommended


5 super hot cleansing oils recommended

Should I use makeup remover?

Is makeup remover suitable for everyone?

Will Cleansing Oil Make You Acne?

A popular makeup remover is a makeup remover, but if you choose it incorrectly, your skin will be harmed by improper makeup removal, and your face will be disturbed by acne!


hzh {display: none; }  卸妆油知识普及  有两种比较实用的方法,可以鉴定你的卸妆油是否优秀:     1.If using makeup remover oil 1?
After 2 weeks, the body starts to develop acne, and at the same time, the condition of the skin is getting worse and worse, then you must renew your cleansing oil and need to stop immediately.


If the cleansing oil is emulsified well after being soaked in water, it means that the quality will be better, which is more conducive to cleansing and “detaching” the skin.

  Cleansing oil is highly recommended 1.

Shu uemura’s classic moisturizing and highly effective cleansing oil (660 yuan / 450ml) contains cherry extract, which not only makes the skin firmer, but also gives you a baby-like delicate and fine skin.

And it can eliminate the skin’s old dead horny, make the pores firmer and increase the skin’s metabolic capacity.

The elegant cherry blossom fragrance can relax your tense mood all day and let you enjoy your time quietly.

     In the past 30 years, it has gradually become one of the world’s most trusted beauty secrets for women.

Shu uemura cleansing oil series has been leading the market in Japan’s alternative market for its superior skin care.

Today, a bottle of cleansing oil is sold every 30 seconds.

  Personal use experience: During use, I slowly find that I can rub out white heads, and immediately have a strong feeling. My makeup is also very clean. The only opposite is that it is too irritating to the eyes and I dare not open my eyes every time.


DHC deep cleansing oil is mainly composed of high-quality olive oil essence, and natural ingredients such as rosemary, which make makeup and sebum dirt that are not easy to remove, dirt that fills pores naturally emerge, and deep cleansing.

  Personal experience: This product is the first makeup remover I have ever used, and the makeup removal effect is very fast and clean!

The emulsification effect is obvious, but it still feels oily after washing. Be sure to wash it with a facial cleanser a second time to clean it; unlike the planter, it feels moisturized!


Blonde Lip Makeup Remover.

hzh {display: none; }  高效迅速清洁祛除敏感眼部和唇部彩妆。Completely removes eye makeup (including sturdy, waterproof makeup) without sagging eye skin.

Suitable for contact eyes.

Tested by an ophthalmologist.

  Personal use experience: completely remove makeup in seconds, the effect is immediately visible, and even waterproof makeup can be dissolved immediately.


IPSA Refreshing Cleansing Oil / Moisturizing Cleansing Oil Moisturizing Cleansing Oil contains a soft, moisturizing cleansing formula, safflower oil and evening primrose oil.

Cleansing oil with efficient cleaning effect can easily remove stubborn and waterproof makeup.

At the same time, the excess oil and lipid peroxide in the deep pores are pushed to the skin surface and thoroughly washed.

  Personal use experience: It can quickly and deeply clean pore oils and dirt, while replenishing the skin gently and thoroughly, it can add moisture to the skin, leaving the skin smooth and delicate after use.


Cleansing Skin Cleansing Oil combines with the new “Grease Oil Gelation Technology” technology, which combines the power of Chinese herbal vegetable oil to soften and continuously moisturize the skin while cleansing the skin, allowing the skin to experience a very gentle and comfortable use.

  Personal use experience: Continuous use can create healthy skin that is not prone to roughening and acne, etc., and exerts skin care effects while thoroughly cleaning.

How to prevent babies from heatstroke in winter?

How to prevent babies from “heatstroke in winter”?

[Introduction]”Winter heatstroke” is actually just a visual statement. This “heatstroke” is actually “Baby Heat Syndrome” (also called “Infant Smoldering Syndrome”) that is more common in infants under 1 year old.Babies are particularly vulnerable.

Baby fever syndrome is usually more acute, and parents must not belittle it.

As soon as the child becomes ill, the parents should immediately remove the factors covering the fever.

  (1) Unwrap the baby’s heavy clothing or quilt to keep the baby’s body out of the high-temperature environment; but at the same time it should be noted that the child has just emerged from a high-temperature environment and is completely sweaty and has pores open. ThisIt is also most susceptible to colds from cold air.

Therefore, at least while removing the thick quilt, dry the sweat on the child’s head and body in a warm room, and put on dry underwear to avoid a cold.

  (2) After making sure that the baby is sweat-free and moderately dressed, move him to a place with fresh air and good ventilation, let him drink some warm water, and keep him happy with some food or toys he likes.

  (3) If the baby “burns” extremely badly, parents can take a bath to cool the child.

It is a good way to let your child take a warm bath, because children often like to take a bath, and it is easy for parents to operate.

But the temperature of the bathroom must be guaranteed.

If you don’t have a shower, you can also consider warm water scrubbing.

The way to warm the bath is to physically cool the child: soak a few gauze and towels in 34?
In 37 seconds of warm water, wring slightly, put the gauze under the baby’s arm socket and the thigh root, and gently wipe the baby’s abdomen, legs, hands and feet with a towel.

Change the gauze every few minutes.

Each scrub is usually performed for 20?
30 minutes.

Because children are mostly small babies, don’t arbitrarily take down the fever because you are afraid that your baby will “burn out”.

  (4) If the baby’s symptoms are serious, parents should take them to the hospital immediately after a little treatment at home, and ask the doctor for timely treatment.

Anti-aging defense battle 25-year-old mature muscle intensive maintenance method_1

Anti-aging defense battle 25 years old mature muscle intensive maintenance method

After 25 years of age, have you suddenly noticed your dark circles and fine lines around your eyes? The crow’s feet are lingering, the two spots are getting deeper and more visible, and the line is dry and dehydrated, dull and dull.Even skin.

It ‘s okay, I ‘ll bring you a super-repairing Dafa today, so that the dead mature muscles can also be saved, so let ‘s take a look together.

  Super-repairing Dafa’s abandoned mature muscles also has the key to rescue and maintenance, that is, oral administration + external maintenance.

Cultivate a good life and rest and eliminate the negative factors that cause aging, which can greatly delay the aging rate of the skin.

  Intensive maintenance: Daytime anti-aging: 95% of the skin’s wrinkles, stains and sagging are caused by ultraviolet radiation, so sun protection and anti-aging have become the focus of daytime maintenance for mature skin. It can also be ignored in cloudy and winter.

  Anti-aging at night: products that replace mild moisturizers carefully remove makeup and cleanse the face to ensure that subsequent skin care products can be fully absorbed.

Then use a night cream that promotes skin metabolism and reduces pigmentation, plus high-efficiency anti-oxidant essence, using the corresponding application method to enhance the facial lines, help the product absorb, and then you can go to sleep and sleep.

  Selection of anti-aging ingredients: In the selection of anti-aging ingredients for skin care products and essences, only the right ones can be used to save the mature muscles.

Now let’s pick together other specialized and effective anti-aging ingredients in addition to other universal Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

  1. Coenzyme Q 10: As a good natural antioxidant in the human body, it can improve the body’s antioxidant capacity and slow down the aging rate.

Enhance skin elasticity, soften and moisturize skin, make skin smooth and restore skin vitality.

And while replenishing the skin’s lack of vitamins, whitening and lightening spots, it also tightens loose skin.

  2. Polypeptide: more common peptides such as hexapeptide. This botulinum-like component can slow down the transmission speed of skin nerve cells and effectively relax the facial skin, thereby improving dynamic expression lines, static lines, and fine lines.And other skin lines.

  3. Vitamin A: It can help firm skin, smooth wrinkles and eliminate the effect of preventing acne.

  4, plant polyphenols: a powerful weapon against free radicals.

Effectively address various fine lines and deep wrinkles such as dry lines, expression lines, eyebrow lines, crow’s feet lines and head lines.

  5. Astaxanthin: an anti-oxidant expert in the deep sea, which can make dull skin soft, delicate, and lustrous, and the skin texture will also be improved.

  6, Fruit acid, A acid: Metabolic keratin acid “class” ingredients, can help precise skin rejuvenation, remove accumulated keratin waste, strengthen metabolism, promote other nutrients to be absorbed by the dermis layer, and maintain skin’s firm elasticity.

  Extra effect of the mask: It is best to arrange the mask with exfoliation, because for non-drying and strongly sensitive skin, 1?
Exfoliating twice can restore delicate skin and promote skin absorption.

  Before applying the mask, it is best to apply a toner, so that the wet skin can absorb moisture and nutrients more, and improve the effect of the mask.

During the application process, adding a layer of fresh-keeping film to the mask or covering it with a warm wet towel can accelerate the release of the nutrition of the mask.

After removing the mask, wash the longer residue thoroughly with clean warm water, and then rinse it with cold water to help shrink the pores. Finally, perform the usual skin care steps and you’re done.

  Supplement: 12pm to 3am is the most efficient time for skin to repair damaged cells. Therefore, the best effect is before this time. It conforms to the physical characteristics of the body and is conducive to nutrient transport.

  Massage First Aid: STEP 1: Use your index finger middle finger and ring finger to lift the skin from both sides of the cheek to the temple, you will feel the skin on the face is tightened, remember to gently pull diagonally when you move.

  Step 2: Use a finger-like wheel fingering method to massage the cheek skin with the index finger-middle finger- ring finger-little finger in order to pull upwards.

  Step 3: Use the left and right “scissors hands” to stick to the edge of the lower jaw. The tip of the lower chin is the original point and “cut” to the lymph under the earlobe. It can improve the relaxation and strengthen the contours of the facial lines.

  Anti-aging foods: For repairing mature muscles, in addition to eating a small amount of collagen food, it does not prevent daily consumption of nutritious foods such as yam, soy products, etc. It also helps to regulate hormones and relieve menstrual pain while resisting aging.

  Not only that, many common vegetables and fruits are rich in proanthocyanidins, chlorophyll black fruits such as mulberry and black grapes, so beta-carotene carrots, pumpkins, papaya, and lycopene, which has anti-cancer effects, represent tomatoes and watermelons.Red peppers are good babies with many antioxidants (lycopene must be better absorbed by the body after heating).

  Nucleic acids in shiitake mushrooms are important substances in cell metabolism; catechins in tea and resveratrol in wine, etc., have antioxidant functions, and can appropriately prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Moisturizing skin for soft white skin

Moisturizing skin for soft white skin

Want to stay away from dull skin?

Want skin that is supple and fair?

Then let the female private editor tell you how to use the lotion to apply the right medicine and shoot the water-sensitive skin in daily care!

  In daily life, as a key role in the three steps of the basic skin care, “a thin layer of lotion” has been given an important skin care mission.

There are a lot of moisturizing water, toner, astringent water, soft water, etc. on the market. How to distinguish between several types of lotion, you must clearly identify when buying, it is wise to choose according to your skin type.

  Oily muscle maintenance key points: Exfoliate and exfoliate oily muscles with darker skin tone. Due to the excessive secretion of oil, there is often a greasy and dirty feeling, which easily causes pores to be enlarged, causing skin problems such as acne and acne.
  Use a cotton pad dipped in lotion and wipe gently. After moistening the cotton pad with the lotion, wipe it repeatedly on the skin, which can help to clean the skin thoroughly. In the process of massaging the skin back and forth, the alcohol content even causes the enlarged pores to shrink instantly, The skin restores smooth and delicate texture.

In addition, the exfoliating ingredients can quickly displace old dead cells, and the wiping action can also help to exfoliate and leave the skin dry and clean.

  The cleansing water and water-containing toners have the effect of cleaning again, shrinking pores, and suppressing oil content. Toners used by multiple appropriate oily skin types also contain softening keratin components, which can help oily skin accelerate the removal of aging cells and makeSkin looks fresher.

  Dry muscles and mixed muscles maintenance points: Toner is the most fragile skin with water film. Dry skin is very thin, and the skin is dull, the cuticle of the skin is very small, the secretion of sebum is insufficient, and the moisture and oilAnd therefore cause very dry.

Dry skin is prone to peeling and wrinkles, so care must be taken.

  Using a lotion as a moisturizing mask has a high-intensity moisturizing treatment on the skin, so the longer the lotion stays on the skin surface, the better the moisturizing effect will be.

Every morning and evening after cleansing, moisten a cotton pad or a paper towel with a lotion and apply it on the skin as a moisturizing mask. After five minutes, remove the dry cotton pad or paper towel. Without washing, directly apply moisturizing ABOUT  The biggest function of moisturizing lotion is to help the skin replenish excess moisture.

Regulates the water and oil balance of the skin.

Common moisturizing lotions are added humectants and polyhydric alcohols, natural moisturizing factors, etc., and also include low-dose fragrances, pigments, surfactants, preservatives and alcohol.

  Important maintenance points for sensitive muscles: Gently pat on sensitive areas and infiltrate the skin surface. Sensitive skin has less sebum secretion and skin that is prone to allergic reactions to various external stimuli.

A little irritation will cause skin maladjustment, causing skin diseases, redness, swelling, and itching.

  Gently pat the lotion on sensitive areas that are prone to redness or allergies, and infiltrate the skin surface to create a protective layer of lotion on the skin to isolate makeup and prevent sensitivity.

If you have red pox or acne, you can use a cotton pad moistened with lotion to gently apply the treatment. The anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients of the lotion can promote the healing of the affected area, but it is best to use it every other day until it recoversImmediately afterwards, use a lotion of regular normal skin tone.

  About whitening sunscreen lotion The lotion containing plant whitening ingredients can not only perform the secondary cleaning effect in series, but also form a barrier film through the rapid penetration of moisture in the skin’s epidermal layer, protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays from the outside.