[How to feed children with bitter medicine]

We all know that children do not like to drink Chinese medicine, mainly because Chinese medicine is bitter, but good medicine is bitter, and we still need to know how to let children drink Chinese medicine smoothly.

When the bitter medicine is fed to the child, we can give him a bit of Tianshui, and then just pour the bitter medicine into his mouth, and if we can fill it too quickly, it is easy to get it, so we can come to understandMeasures of feeding.

Afraid of taking medicine.

Actually, adults don’t like taking medicine.

However, when you are sick, you have to take medicine.

But children’s and adults’ mindsets are completely different in their understanding of taking medicine to cure diseases.

Children do not understand that there must be a process from taking medicine to getting better.

Parents must have sufficient patience to allow their baby to take medicine obediently; if the child is sick, he must take medicine to be good.

But medicine is not as sweet as sugar, and many children do not take medicine well.

At this time, some parents squeezed their noses, pressed their mouths into their mouths, and even put on two slaps, making the children cry.

It was easy to infuse the medicine and spit it out, which affected the treatment effect.

To give medicine to children, we must pay attention to methods.

Don’t let the child see during the “preparation phase”, try to distract him, lest he foresee that he will take “bitter medicine” and scratch his head.

You can just give him a little sweet water to drink, and then feed the medicine spoon into the mouth when it is not ready.

When feeding medicine, you should pay attention to the following two points: Note that the medicine in the spoon cannot be poured straight down the tongue, so it is easy to hold it, and the medicine is completely poured on the tongue. The child will soon taste the bitter taste and will take it all at once.The medicine spit out.

You can first pour the spoon from the corner of your child’s mouth to the side of your tongue, stop for a while, and then withdraw it when it swallows the medicine.

The second is not to drink too much water before feeding, some children are prone to vomiting, and some sour juice can be given after feeding.

Some parents like to put the medicine in milk and put it in the bottle for the child to eat. This is not good, because the amount of medicine taken by babies is usually very small, and some of it will stick to the bottle after dissolution, so it cannot guarantee a sufficient dose.

In case of uncooperative sick children or the medicine is too bitter, you can use the method of “jam sandwich”, put a little spoon of jam, pour the crushed medicine on top, and add a layer of jam to coax the child to eat.