[How to open a tight can]_How to unscrew_How to open

Canned food is a kind of food that people like to eat very much. There are many types of canned pears, canned oranges, canned hawthorn, and so on. These canned foods are delicious, but there is a common problem for women.Because canned food is special, vacuum packaging is used, and the cap will be screwed tightly. How to open a tightly screwed can becomes a problem that must be considered. Then I will introduce it below.How to open tight cans.

: The method of canning: 1/6 The most common method is also the best method. Pat the bottom of the can with your hand.

Turn the bottle over and tap the bottom of the bottle 5-8 times, then turn the bottle cap upward with a piece of rag and open the bottle cap gently and easily.

2/6 make use of tools.

Use the tip of a scissors or a flat-bladed screwdriver to gently pry the cap, and let the air in to open it easily.

3/6 professional corkscrew.

If you have a professional bottle opener, that’s great.

It’s effortless to open canned caps!

4/6 rubber band.

Use a rubber band on the bottle cap, and then twist the cap to open it.

The rubber band is designed to increase friction.

5/6 Of course, there is another way.

That is a boyfriend with a gentleman, or a strong boyfriend.

Other problems have been solved, no matter whether it is a mineral water bottle cap, a canned bottle cap, or a spicy sauce bottle cap.

6/6 can also use tape on the bottle cap to cover the bottle cap. It can also be opened by pulling the tape in the direction of opening. This is not very easy to operate.

Precautions when buying canned fruit: 1/5 to see the packaging, mainly to see whether the label is complete and complete, whether the production date and shelf life exist, whether it is in the quality level, whether there is a steel stamp on the production date, whether it is genuine, or it may be counterfeit.
2/5 Secondly, look at the metal lid of the can for rust, because if the can deteriorates, it will react with the metal lid and cause damage.

Therefore, when buying cans, rust spots can be seen on the metal cover, so be careful.

3/5 Again, look at the contents of the can. If it is placed in a glass container, it will be directly whether the fruit is intact, whether the contents are foreign or turbid or not. The authentic can should be uniform in size and bright in color.The syrup is clear and beautiful.

4/5 Finally, the amount of air in the canned fruit is small, and the top of the canned food is concave at atmospheric pressure.

5 / 5If the top of the can is protruding, the food in the can has been removed